O.C. White TKMZ-8TR
Meiji Stereo-Zoom Trinocular Microscope

with Ball Bearing Base

  • Standard Magnification Range of 7 – 45x
  • 10x Eyepieces (pair) with reticle mount and 0.5X Lens for increased working distance
  • Ergonomically positioned bilateral zoom controls
  • Eyetubes inclined at 45* for fatigue free viewing
  • Body can be rotated a full 360* in focusing arm, and locked into any position
  • .5x auxiliary lens for increased working distance
  • .6x CCD adapter
  • Super high sensitivity color analog camera, along with slim 19” LCD screen
  • Interpupillary distance adjustment from 54mm to 75mm
  • ±5 Diopter adjustments on eyepiece tubes
  • Heavy duty ball bearing glide arm base assembly
  • All metal construction
  • ESD safe
Click here for a larger image - O.C. White TKMZ-8TRClick here for a larger image - O.C. White TKMZ-8TR

O.C. White TKMZ-8TR
Shown with FL3000-D

The O.C. White Meiji Stereo-Zoom TKMZ-8TR "True" Trinocular Microscope with crisp, high resolution, precision optics providing excellent, erect, unreversed stereoscopic viewing includes wide field 10x eyepieces, focusing arms that utilize a special 20mm drop arm for added articulation, and all ESD safe lighting and bases

The Meiji Stereo-Zoom TKMZ-8TR is a "true" Trinocular microscope, meaning that you do not lose an eyepiece when you want to view the video from the third port. Specialized light sharing prisms allow for all three to be used at once

3 Light Source Options Available

  • FL3000-A  "Annular" Fiber Optic
  • FL3000-D  "Dual-Point" Fiber Optic
  • LV2000  High Intensity Dimmable LED
Specification TKMZ-8TR
Magnification 7 – 45x Standard
Mounting Ball Bearing Base
Eyepieces Included 10X Eyepieces
Camera High sensitivity color 1/3" analog camera
Screen slim 19” Widescreen LCD
ESD Safe Yes
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
TKMZ-8TR OC White TKMZ8TR Meiji Stereo-Zoom Triinocular Microscope with Ball Bearing Base  Buy Now Sale $4,072.50
(Reg. $4,525.00)
Bundled with Light Source Option
TKMZ-8TR-A O.C. White TKMZ-8TR-A Meiji Stereo-Zoom Trinocular Microscope w/Annular Fiber Optic Light  Buy Now Sale $4,698.00
(Reg. $5,220.00)
TKMZ-8TR-D OC White TKMZ8TRD Meiji Stereo-Zoom Trinocular Microscope with Ball Bearing Base and FL3000-D  Fiber Optic Light Source  Buy Now Sale $4,653.00
(Reg. $5,170.00)
TKMZ-8TR-LV2 O.C. White TKMZ-8TR-LV2 Meiji Stereo-Zoom Trinocular Microscope w/LED Light Source  Buy Now Sale $4,387.50
(Reg. $4,875.00)
Included Items
  • 1 - .6x CCD adapter
  • 1 - 1/3" analog camera
  • 1 - 19” LCD screen
  • 1 - Ball bearing base
  • 1 - Pair 10x eyepieces
  • 1 - .5x Auxiliary lens
  • 1 - Limited lifetime warranty