OC White TKDMZ-8TR Meiji Stereo-Zoom Trinocular Zoom Microscope with Ball Bearing Base, 22" HD LED Monitor, and HD1080p High Resolution Camera

  • ESD Safe and RoHS Compliant
  • Eyepieces adjust from 10 to 50° on the fly for total comfort
  • Ideal for operators who use a microscope all day long
  • 8-6.4x magnification zoom
  • Large selection of eyepiece and objective options
  • Stainless steel ball bearing glide arms provide smooth movement and precise placement
  • Striking matte black finish
  • Can be configured as binocular or Trinocular microscope due to modular design
  • Analog and Digital Imaging Packages Available
  • Unequalled quality at very reasonable cost
  • 5 Year Mechanical Warranty
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OC White TKDMX-8TR Series Shown

The O.C. White Meiji Stereo-Zoom TKMZ-8TR Trinocular Zoom Microscope with HD1080p High Resolution Camera comes with a Ball Bearing Base and 22" HD LED Monitor. While the OC White TKDEZT-864 comes standard with 7 - 45x Standard Magnification (up to 270X with options), OC white offers alternate Zoom ratios as well as a host of optional eyepieces and objective lenses. Included standard by O.C. White is the ergonomically adjustable eyepiece head. The O.C. White TKMZ-8TR's head swivel up and downwards from 0-35°. Included with the O.C. White TKMZ-8TR are awith all sets are our wide focus, large diameter 10x Eyepieces and a .6x CCD Adapter.

Magnification 1 - 60x
Mounting Style Ball Bearing Base
Voltage 120 Volt
ESD Safe Yes
Available lightsources Options
  • LV2000: High Intensity Dimmable LED
  • FL3000-A: "Annular" Fiber Optic
  • FL3000-D: "Dual-Point" Fiber Optic
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
TKDMZ-8TR  OC White TKDMZ-8TR Meiji Stereo-Zoom Trinocular Microscope w/Ball Bearing Base, Monitor, and Camera Discontinued
Light Source Bundles
TKDMZ-8TR-A  OC White TKDMZ-8TR-A Meiji StereoZoom Trinocular Microscope, Ball Bearing, Monitor, Camera, FL3000-A Discontinued
TKDMZ-8TR-D  OC White TKDMZ-8TR-D Meiji Stereo-Zoom Trinocular Microscope, Ball Bearing, Monitor, Camera, FL3000D Discontinued
TKDMZ-8TR-LV2  OC White TKDMZ-8TR-LV2 Meiji Stereo-Zoom Trinocular Microscope, Ball Bearing, Monitor, Camera, LV2000 Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Ergonomically adjustable eyepiece head
  • 1 - .8 6.4x Zoom Body
  • 1 - Wide Focus
  • 1 - Large diameter 10x eyepieces
  • 1 - 1x Auxiliary lens