O.C. White DMLC-WB
Prolite Rectangular Magnifier

45" Reach, Weighted Base, 120V, 3 Diopter Lens

  • 5 x 7" rectangular viewing area
  • Crown White optical quality lenses
  • 3 Diopter (1.75X) lens
  • Free swing away 10 diopter lens
  • E-Z Swivel, allows unlimited angles of use
  • White or black finish
  • Independent light switches for illumination control
  • Dual 13 Watt Illumination (26 total watts) (#13359)
  • Economy internal spring armature
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O.C. White DMLC-WB Shown in

The O.C. White Prolite DMLC-WB rectangular magnifier features a large 7” x 5.25” lens, constructed with optical quality, crown white glass. This model also features a lightweight, internal spring economy arm.The DMLC-WB uses dual 13W bulbs, which afford side lighting options. Each is independently controlled, which can allow for contrast shading on the inspection area. The multi-section adjustable swivel affords stability, holding power, and ease of use for excellent motion control and magnifier placement

Specification DMLC-WB
Magnification 1.75x (3 Diop)
with 10 Diopter swing away lens
Reach 45"
Mounting Style Weighted Base
Voltage 120 Volt
ESD Safe No
Ordering Information
Model Color Description Buy Online Price
DMLC-W-WB Carbon Black OC White DMLC-W-WB Prolite DMLC Magnifier, Weighted Base, 3 Diop. White  Discontinued
Obsolete Model
DMLCBWB White OC White DMLC-B-WB Prolite DMLC Magnifier, Weighted Base, 3 Diop. Black Discontinued
Included Items
  • 1 - 1 Year Mechanical Warranty
Optional Accessories
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13359 OC White 13359 Replacement 1-3-W bulb for Prolite DMLC magnifiers  Buy Now $12.00
11459 OC White 11459 Roll Around Base for Prolite Magnifiers  Discontinued
11462-W OC White 11462-W Replacement Table Edge Clamp for DMLC Magnifiers, White  Discontinued