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Oakton WD-35426-50

Temp 340 Thermistor RTD Datalogging Thermometer

Brand: Oakton
Model No: WD-35426-50
Our Model No: WD3542650
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • NIST-Traceable calibration certificate
  • 3-way hands-free operation
  • Transfer data via USB infrared
  • Menu driven set up to easiliy customize your meter
  • Rugged armor—built to withstand the toughest conditions
  • Easy-to-use automatic field calibration ensures accurate readings
  • Probes are sold separately

Choose the Oakton WD-35426-51 Thermo-Scientific Temp340 thermometer that has real time datalogging and a USB data output. This robust and reliable meter is ideal for use in food processing plants, research and science labs, building maintenance areas and more! The sturdy armored construction protects against knocks and jars. Ergonomically designed for both large and small hands alike. The sealed keypad and ABS case meet IP54 standards for splash resistance. The meter has a large illuminated display, and a seven-button control panel that allows the user through easy-to-use menus to choose desired functionality.

The sevenbutton control panel and intuitive on-screen menus guide you in choosing your desired functionality. Additional meter features include Min/Max, Hold, and average functions;° F/°C selection; time stamp/clock; countdown timer; out-of-range alarm with audible/visible indicator; auto shutoff; and low-battery indicator. Manually store or automatically log up to 2000 sets of readings in real time. Log interval is selectable from 1 second to 60 minutes. Order an optional AC adapter to conserve battery life during extended operation.

OAKTON’s exclusive “3-WAY HANDS-FREE” capability allows “hands-free” operation— use the built-in stand on a table top, attach the meter to metal objects through magnets inserted into the armor boot, or hang from a pipe or belt using the hook-and-loop strap. The WD3542651 Meter comes standard with the integral stand and a certificate for NIST-Traceable calibration; the “hands-free” option adds magnets and strap (order separately).

  • 1 - User manual
  • 3 - AA batteries
  • 1 - NIST-Traceable calibration certificate
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WD-35427-80 Oakton WD-35427-80 Protective armor Add to Cart
Sale $29.25
WD-35427-85 Oakton WD-35427-85 Handfree Kit, Requires Protective Armor WD-35427-80 Add to Cart
Sale $25.81
WD-93824-12 Oakton WD-93824-12 YSI 400-Series General Purpose Thermistor Probe w/PTFE Coating Add to Cart
Sale $96.80
WD-08491-02 Oakton WD-08491-02 General Purpose 400-Series Thermistor Probe, -40 to 212° F, 10-ft. Lead Add to Cart
Sale $52.60
WD-08491-04 Oakton WD-08491-04 General Purpose 400-Series Thermistor Probe, -40 to 212° F, 50-ft. Lead Add to Cart
Sale $96.80
WD-08491-05 Oakton WD-08491-05 400-Series Thermistor Probe w/Vinyl-Sheath and Tip, -40 to 212° F, Add to Cart
Sale $72.40
WD-08491-07 Oakton WD-08491-07 SS Liquid Immersion Thermistor Probe, -40 to 302° F, 1/8" Diameter Add to Cart
Sale $108.80
WD-08491-17 Oakton WD-08491-17 Small Flexible Thermistor Probe w/Nylon and Epoxy Tip, 110 to 212° F Add to Cart
Sale $121.60
WD-08491-14 Oakton WD-08491-14 316 SS Pipe-Fitting Thermistor Probe, -40 to 300° F, 1" long Add to Cart
Sale $153.60
WD-08491-08 Oakton WD-08491-08 316 SS Air Temperature Thermistor Probe, -40 to 300° F Add to Cart
Sale $108.80
WD-08491-10 Oakton WD-08491-10 316 SS Epoxy-backed Attachable Surface Probe, -40 to 212° F Add to Cart
Sale $81.60
WD-08491-09 Oakton WD-08491-09 316 SS Surface Thermistor Probe, -40 to 300° F Add to Cart
Sale $121.60
WD-08491-11 Oakton WD-08491-11 316 SS Small Surface Probe, -40 to 300° F, Non-detachable Lead Add to Cart
Sale $121.60
WD-93824-00 Oakton WD-93824-00 YSI 400-Series General Purpose Thermistor Probe Add to Cart
Sale $78.40
WD-08491-16 Oakton WD-08491-16 316 SS Penetration Thermistor Probe, -40 to 300° F, Vinyl-Covered Lead Add to Cart
Sale $104.00
WD-93823-05 Oakton WD-93823-05 YSI 400-Series Air/gas Thermistor Probe Add to Cart
Sale $34.80
WD-93823-00 Oakton WD-93823-00 YSI 400-Series Deep Water/Soil Thermistor Probe Add to Cart
Sale $96.80
WD-35626-50 Oakton WD-35626-50 Replacement temperature probe for Acorn Temp 5 Add to Cart
Sale $47.20
WD-93823-01 Oakton WD-93823-01 YSI 400-Series Surface Thermistor Probe Add to Cart
Sale $52.61
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