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Oakton WD-56717-32

Alpha pH 560 pH/ORP Controller with 2 Relays

Brand: Oakton
Model No: WD-56717-32
Our Model No: WD5671732
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Small size, economical monitor or controller with display
  • Measure and display both pH/ORP and temperature
  • Automatic or manual temperature compensation
  • Asymmetrical or symmetrical mode operation
  • Range (pH): 0.00 to 14.00
  • Range (Temperature): -10 to 125°C
  • Accuracy (pH): -0.01 to 0.01
  • Accuracy (Temperature): -0.5 to 0.5°C
  • 0 to 2000 seconds time delay adjustment on all relays – minimizes false alarms
  • 1 or 2 point calibration with selectable USA or NIST standard pH buffer set
  • Large dual display LCD for easy reading with clear multiple annunciators, operational mode indicators and error indicators
  • Two switching contacts as set-point relays

The Oakton WD-56717-32 Alpha pH 560 pH/ORP Controller is used for measuring pH and temperature values. The pH values can be measured using industrial combination pH sensors. The temperature values can be measured using 3-wire Pt100 / Pt1000 sensors. The Controller can be used for applications such as water treatment and controlling, galvanic-decontamination, chemical processing, food processing, clean or wastewater control and neutralization processes.

The WD5671732 pH 560 controller has additional features including two switching contacts as set point relays. The relays have separately adjustable high and low set point hysteresis (dead bands) to prevent relay chattering. The relays feature a 0 to 2000 second time delay to prevent false alarms and unneeded control. The pH 560 also features a backlit and UV light protected display.

  • 1 - 110 VAC to 9 VDC power adapter
  • 1 - User manual
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