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Oakton WD-35416-01

Dissolved Oxygen, BOD Meter w/Probe, Software, Stand & NIST

Brand: Oakton
Model No: WD-35416-01
Our Model No: WD3541601
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Brilliant backlit display with dynamic stability indication
  • Up to 500 point memory with date-time stamp for GLP
  • Output data to PC
  • Meter includes self-stirring probe that is ideal for BOD and other DO applications in the laboratory
  • Includes a dissolved oxygen probe and a probe stand
  • NIST-Traceable calibration

The Oakton WD-35416-01 Eutech DO 2700 meter measures dissolved oxygen in mg/L, ppm, or % saturation with simultaneous temperature display in° F or °C. Independent 100% and 0% calibration points provide accuracy over the entire range. Measurement accuracy can be increased by manual barometric pressure and salinity compensation—meter automatically calculates offset. Built-in automatic temperature compensation (ATC) provides greater precision by correcting for temperature variations

The WD3541601 Eutech DO2700 Meter is encased in a compact housing which takes up minimal bench space—nearly 40% less space than comparable meters. Water-resistant membrane keypad and convenient pullout reference guide provide useful features for the lab.

  • 1 - User manual
  • 1 - Dissolved Oxygen probe
  • 1 - Probe Stand
  • 1 - NIST-Traceable Calibration
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WD-35420-82 Oakton WD-35420-82 Replacement Self-Stirring BOD Probe for DO 2700 Meter, 1.5 m Cable Add to Cart
Sale $580.01
WD-35420-01 Oakton WD-35420-01 RS-232 cable Add to Cart
Sale $36.80
WD-35642-50 Oakton WD-35642-50 DO Probe, galvanic, 3-ft cable Add to Cart
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WD-35642-52 Oakton WD-35642-52 DO Probe, galvanic with 10-ft (3-m) cable Add to Cart
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WD-35642-55 Oakton WD-35642-55 Replacement DO probe Maintenance Kit, 1 Membrane Cap, 10 mL of Electrolyte Add to Cart
Sale $62.80
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