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LCR Bridges and Impedance Meters

Manufacturers Model Description Buy Price
Click for Amprobe LCR Meters LCR55A
MFR ID: 3026976
Amprobe LCR55A Handheld LCR Meter With Transistor Test Click to add LCR55A<br><flu>MFR ID: 3026976</flu> to shopping cart Sale $197.96
(Reg. $224.95)
Click for B&K Precision LCR Bridges / Meters 875B BK Precision 875B Low-Ohm Handheld LCR Meter Click to add 875B to shopping cart Sale $195.95
(Reg. $225.00)
878B BK Precision 878B 40,000 Count Dual Display Handheld LCR meter Click to add 878B to shopping cart Sale $184.95
(Reg. $249.00)
879B BK Precision 879B 40,000 LCR meter with ESR measurement Click to add 879B to shopping cart Sale $260.95
(Reg. $299.00)
885 BK Precision 885 Synthesized In-Circuit LCR/ESR meter Click to add 885 to shopping cart Sale $589.95
(Reg. $595.00)
886 BK Precision 886 Synthesized In-Circuit, Handheld LCR/ESR Meter Click to add 886 to shopping cart Sale $721.65
(Reg. $835.00)
889B BK Precision 889B Synthesized In-Circuit LCR/ESR Meter with Component Tester Click to add 889B to shopping cart Sale $1,289.95
(Reg. $1,475.00)
Click for Extech LCR Bridges / Meters 380193 Extech 380193 Handheld LCR Meter Click to add 380193 to shopping cart $219.99
RC200 Extech RC200 Multimeter with SMD Tweezer Component Tester Click to add RC200 to shopping cart Sale $65.99
(Reg. $74.99)
Click for Instek LCR Bridges / Meters LCR-816 Instek LCR-816 Precision LCR Meter, 100 Hz - 2 kHz Click to add LCR-816 to shopping cart Sale $805.50
(Reg. $900.00)
LCR-817 Instek LCR-817 Precision LCR Meter, 12 Hz - 10 kHz Click to add LCR-817 to shopping cart Sale $1,369.35
(Reg. $1,530.00)
LCR-819 Instek LCR-819 LCR Meter, 12 Hz to 100 kHz Click to add LCR-819 to shopping cart Sale $1,655.75
(Reg. $1,850.00)
LCR-8101G Instek LCR-8101G Precision LCR Meter, 20 Hz - 1 MHz Click to add LCR-8101G to shopping cart Sale $6,054.68
(Reg. $6,765.00)
LCR-8105G Instek LCR-8105G Precision LCR Meter, 20 Hz - 5 MHz Click to add LCR-8105G to shopping cart Sale $7,137.63
(Reg. $7,975.00)
LCR-8110G Instek LCR-8110G Precision LCR Meter, 20 Hz - 10 MHz Click to add LCR-8110G to shopping cart Sale $8,694.93
(Reg. $9,715.00)
LCR-821 Instek LCR-821 Precision LCR Meter, 12 Hz to 200 kHz Click to add LCR-821 to shopping cart Sale $2,291.20
(Reg. $2,560.00)
Click for Hameg LCR Meters HM8018 Hameg HM8018 LCR Meter Module Click to add HM8018 to shopping cart $812.31
Click for Hioki LCR Meters 350410 Hioki 3504-10 C HiTESTER (120 Hz and 1kHz) without BIN and GP-IB Click to add 350410 to shopping cart $3,570.00
3511-50 Hioki 3511-50 LCR HiTester Click to add 3511-50 to shopping cart $2,310.00
3532-50 Hioki 3532-50 LCR HiTester Click to add 3532-50 to shopping cart $4,995.00
3535 Hioki 3535 120MHz LCR HiTester Click to add 3535 to shopping cart $15,730.00
Click for Wayne Kerr LCR Meters 4110 Wayne Kerr 4110 LCR Meter 20Hz-100kHz Click to add 4110 to shopping cart $2,058.00
4120 Wayne Kerr 4120 LCR Meter 20Hz-200kHz Click to add 4120 to shopping cart $2,646.00
4150 Wayne Kerr 4150 LCR Meter 20Hz-500kHz Click to add 4150 to shopping cart $3,882.00
41100 Wayne Kerr 41100 LCR Meter 20Hz-MHz Click to add 41100 to shopping cart $4,999.00
6505P Wayne Kerr 6505P High Frequency LCR Meter 20Hz-5MHz Click to add 6505P to shopping cart $15,025.00
6510P Wayne Kerr 6510P High Frequency LCR Meter 20Hz 10MHz Click to add 6510P to shopping cart $15,720.00
6515P Wayne Kerr 6515P High Frequency LCR Meter 20Hz-15MHz Click to add 6515P to shopping cart $16,760.00
6520P Wayne Kerr 6520P High Frequency LCR Meter 20Hz-20MHz Click to add 6520P to shopping cart $17,915.00
6530P Wayne Kerr 6530P High Frequency LCR Meter 20Hz-30MHz Click to add 6530P to shopping cart $20,800.00
6550P Wayne Kerr 6550P High Frequency LCR Meter 20Hz-50MHz Click to add 6550P to shopping cart $24,270.00
65120P Wayne Kerr 65120P High Frequency LCR Meter 20Hz-120MHz Click to add 65120P to shopping cart $29,995.00
Click for Promax LCR Meters MZ-505C Promax MZ-505C Hand-held RLC Meter Click to add MZ-505C to shopping cart $407.00
Click for Yokogawa Precision/Portable LCR Bridges / Meters 275200 Yokogawa 275200 Precision Double Bridge, 0.03 to 0.05% Click to add 275200 to shopping cart Sale $15,038.88
(Reg. $15,504.00)
275597 Yokogawa 275597 Portable Wheatstone Bridge, 1.000 ohm to 10.00 M ohm Click to add 275597 to shopping cart Sale $2,695.92
(Reg. $2,868.00)
276800 Yokogawa 276800 Precision Wheatstone Bridge Click to add 276800 to shopping cart Sale $9,841.44
(Reg. $11,312.00)
276910 Yokogawa 276910 Portable Double Bridge Click to add 276910 to shopping cart $2,490.00