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Milwaukee DL125

pH, ORP and Temperature Controller with WiFi and Data Logging Interface

Status: Not Available
Brand: Milwaukee
Model No: DL125
Our Model No: DL125
Condition: NEW
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Not Available

Product Features:

  • pH/ORP and temperature controller with wi-fi and data logging full duplex portal interface
  • ORP factory calibration
  • Automatic 1, 2 or 3 points calibration
  • LED back lights
  • Visual LED indicator for "normal" - "caution" - "critical"
  • Large LCD readouts
  • Snapshop feature takes "real-time" reading
  • Utilizes any capacity SD card; full (standard), mini and micro with adapters
  • Digital temperature sensor

The Milwaukee DL125 gives you true total control over ORP, pH, and temp. These functions are monitored and controlled with ease through the MCU based central command unit. This digital base unit provides the user with heads up alerts and alarms by text and email as well as built in visual references. All of that is incorporated into the wi-fi interface giving the user the capability of full-duplex data interaction from anywhere in the world through a web portal. This is an IoT based unit. An additional feature is the historical data logging and snapshot options. These features provide extensive historical information that can be sliced and diced to provide analytical data as needed.

The DL125 is complete and ready to be put into service. The DL125 was designed from the ground up using the latest in computer, wi-fi and open source software technology. That's why the DL125 is so affordable. Compared to any controller used in any application, no other digital controller offers so much value for so little of an investment.

  • 1 1- 12 VDC Adapter
  • 1 - Mounting Kit
  • 1 - 4GB SD Card
  • 1 - pH Probe
  • 1 - ORP Probe
  • 1 - Temperature Probe
  • 1 - Power Control Box
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Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (1.48 MB)
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