Metcal MXPS5000
Power Supply - for the MX-5000 Soldering System
Discontinued - See: Metcal MX-PS5200

  • Double power of predecessor
  • Time to recovery increases production rates
  • 100 to 240V AC input
  • Dual switch port with LCD Display
Click here for a larger image - Metcal MX-PS5000 Power Supply - for the MX-5000 Soldering SystemClick here for a larger image - Metcal MX-PS5000 Power Supply - for the MX-5000 Soldering System
Metcal MXPS5000 Shown

Product Information
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Specification MX-PS5000
Ambient Operating Temperature 10- 40°C (50°F - 104°F)
Maximum Enclosure Temperature 55°C (131°F)
Input Line Voltage 100- 240 VAC, grounded circuit
Input Line Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 125 Watts
Output Power Maximum 80 Watts max. Per channel at 22°C
Output Frequency 13.56 MHzC
Power Cord 3-Wire 183cm (18/3") SJT
Certification / Marking cTUVus, CE
Dimensions w x d x h 12.1cm x 13.0cm x 23.5cm(4.8" x 5.1" x 9.3")
Weight 7.4 lbs (3.35 kg)
Ordering Information
Model  Description Buy Online Price
MX-PS5000 Metcal MX-PS5200 ESD-Safe, Dual Simultaneous Output Solder/Rework Power Supply Discontinued
See: Metcal MX-PS5200
Included Items
  • 1 - User Manual
Hand Pieces
MX-H1-AV Metcal MX-H1-AV Soldering Hand Piece, Advanced, for STTC Tip Cartridges  Buy Now Sale $108.87
(Reg. $114.60)
MX-H2-UF Metcal MX-H2-UF Soldering Handpiece, Ultra Fine, for UFTC Cart  Buy Now Sale $134.79
(Reg. $141.88)
MX-PTZ Metcal MX-PTZ Precision Tweezer Handpiece, w/Cord, MX Series  Buy Now Sale $290.31
(Reg. $305.59)
MX-DS1 Metcal MX-DS1 Desolder Tool, Pistol Grip  Buy Now Sale $311.05
(Reg. $327.42)
Work Stands
MX-W1AV Metcal MX-W1AV Tip Saver Workstand, for Advanced and Ultra Fine Soldering Handpieces  Buy Now $87.31
MX-W4PT Metcal MX-W4PT Workstand, MX-PTZ Tweezers Handpiece  Buy Now $87.31
MX-W5DS Metcal MX-W5DS Workstand, MX-DS1 Handpiece  Buy Now $87.31
Upgrade Kits
MX-UK2 Metcal MX-UK2 Upgrade Kit: UF Soldering Handpiece & Workstand  Buy Now Sale $217.74
(Reg. $229.20)
MX-UK4 Metcal MX-UK4 Upgrade Kit: Precision Tweezers HP & Workstand  Buy Now Sale $373.30
(Reg. $392.95)
MX-UK5 Metcal MX-UK5 Upgrade Kit: MX-DS1 Handpiece & Workstand  Buy Now Sale $414.68
(Reg. $436.50)