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Metcal PS-900-SOLAR

Single Port Soldering System

Brand: Metcal
Model No: PS-900-SOLAR
Our Model No: PS900SOLAR
Condition: NEW
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Sale $246.05

Product Features:

  • Ability to solder at low, controlled temperatures|Reduces the stresses on the cells and the likelihood of micro-cracking
  • Produces a controlled, high quality solder joint|Offers low cost of ownership, ease of use
  • Calibration-free heater that reacts instantly to changing thermal loads, thus minimizing thermally induced stresses on the surface of the solar cells
  • The PS-900-Solar comes with a specially designed hoof tip that optimizes the power delivered thus providing high performance efficiency

The Metcal PS-900-SOLAR Soldering System serves the need to reduce PV manufacturing costs, combined with the present shortage of polysilicon feedstock are driving a steady reduction in wafer and cell thicknesses; it is the perfect solution for the challenging step of soldering wires (tabs and stringers) without causing damage or cracks to the cells.

  • 1 - Single Output Power Supply (PS-PW900)
  • 1 - Hand-Piece w/9 ft. (274cm) Cord (PS-900-PC9)
  • 1 - Coil Assembly (PS-HC3)
  • 1 - Soldering Tip (STV-DRH440A)
  • 1 - Workstand (WS2-NS)
  • 1 - Tip Removal Pad (AC-CP2)
Compatible Tips
Model Description
CxV Soldering Cartridges Metcal SmartHeat Blade Cartridges Recommended for Pad Cleaning Applications
SxV Soldering Cartridges Metcal PowerTip Cartridges Recommended for Heavy-Duty Applications
Compatible Hand-Pieces
Model Description Buy Now Price
PS-H3 Metcal PS-H3 Hand-Piece/Cable for PS-900 Soldering Systems (No Coil Assembly) Add to Cart
Sale $47.45
PS-HC3 Metcal PS-HC3 Hand-Piece for PS-900 Soldering Systems (PS-H3/PS-CA3) Add to Cart
Sale $80.37
Compatible Workstands
Model Description Buy Now Price
WS2 Metcal WS2 Black Work Stand for PS-HC3 Hand-Pieces Add to Cart
Sale $31.10
WS2G Metcal WS2G Green Work Stand for PS-HC3 Hand-Pieces Add to Cart
Sale $31.10
Optional Accessories
Model Description Buy Now Price
PS-CA3 Metcal PS-CA3 Coil Assembly for PS-H3 Hand-Pieces Add to Cart
Sale $34.44
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