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Metcal MFX-2200C-A

Digital Particle Fume Extraction System, 110V

Brand: Metcal
Model No: MFX-2200C-A
Our Model No: MFX2200CA
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Damper
  • For use w/Omniflex Arms

The Metcal MFX-2200C-A Analog Particle Fume Extraction System provides the ultimate performance in a compact size, easily fitting under most workbenches. It is ideal for removing solder fumes and filtering laser fumes. The lid features 4 air inlet ports for connection to Omniflex arms. By using a hose splitter in conjunction with BVX arms, the number of connected arms can be doubled.

  • 1 - 110V Analog Particle Fume Extraction Unit
  • 1 - Set of Filters
  • Model Description Buy Now Price
    FIL22H070 Metcal FIL22H070 11kg (25lb.) Combination HEPA/Carbon Filter for MFX-2200C/MFG-2206C Buy Now
    Sale $277.32
    FIL22P030 Metcal FIL22P030 60% Efficiency Pleated Pre-Filters for MFX-2200C (2) Buy Now
    Sale $85.45
    AC2204 Metcal AC2204 Top Cover/4 in. Air Inlets (2)/2.5 in. Air Inlets (2) for MFX-2200C/MFX-2206C Buy Now
    Sale $508.73
    EA1120 Metcal EA1120 ESD Compliant Omniflex Arm/Nozzle/Bracket/Clamps for MFX-2200 Fume Extraction Systems Buy Now
    Sale $183.14
    EA1122 Metcal EA1122 ESD Compliant Omniflex Arm/Rectangular Nozzle for MFX-2200 Fume Extraction Systems Buy Now
    Sale $183.14
    EA1124 Metcal EA1124 ESD Compliant Omniflex Arm/Tapered Nozzle for MFX-2200 Fume Extraction Systems Buy Now
    Sale $183.14
    EA1126 Metcal EA1126 ESD Compliant Omniflex Arm/14 in. x 8.5 in. (350mm x 212mm) Hood for MFX-2200 Buy Now
    Sale $308.75
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