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Metcal APR-1200-SRS

Scorpion Rework System w/SmartPlace Technology/Precision Placement Package

Brand: Metcal
Model No: APR-1200-SRS
Our Model No: APR1200SRS
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Desktop sized
  • 2800W dual zone Pre-Heater w/50W top heater
  • 208-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 15A-13A, Single Phase
  • Modular design allows customer to customize unit to meet specific needs
  • 343mm (13.5 in.) x open-ended PCB holder w/micrometer adjustment
  • Mechanical X and Z axis movement on linear bearings for long-life and minimal maintenance
  • At end of reflow when removing parts, component retracts automatically
  • Linux-based integral computer
  • External USB for file transfer
  • SmartPlace Vision System features high definition camera which uses dual CMOS sensors to assist in placement of components and requires no calibration
  • 25x Digital Zoom
  • 45mm x 45mm (1.77 in. x 1.77 in.) viewing area
  • Selectable camera view
  • Diffused LED lighting for shadow-free component alignment
  • Auto-Profiling allows ability to create successful reflow profiles
  • On-the-fly profile management of target set points, adding and subtracting time zones, and profile measurement points
  • Real-time graphical display of solder joint temperatures
  • Internal storage of profile data w/expansion and transfer via USB flash drive
  • Graphics-based user interface for simple operation
  • Password protection for operators and engineers
  • Uses existing APR-5000 Series reflow and vacuum nozzles
  • Compact footprint for easy benchtop use
  • Self-contained machine
  • Does not require air supply
  • Made in USA
  • 1 - Scorpion Rework System w/SmartPlace Technology/Precision Placement Package (APR-1200-SRS)
  • 1 - Pack of 3 Long/Spring PCB Fingers (FSL-SRS-3)
  • 1 - Pack of 3 40AWG Thermocouples (AC-TCK-40-36)
  • 1 - 20-Piece Kit of O-Rings (VNZ-ORINGK)
  • 1 - Under Board Support (UBS-SRS)
  • 1 - .039 in. (1mm) Vacuum Pick-Up Nozzle (VNZ-01)
  • 1 - .2 in. (5mm) Vacuum Pick-Up Nozzl (VNZ-05)
  • 1 - .31 in (8mm) Vacuum Pick-Up Nozzle (VNZ-08)
  • 1 - .47 in. (12mm) Vacuum Pick-Up Nozzle (VNZ-12)
  • 1 - .028 in. (.71mm) Precision Nozzle (PNZ-07)
  • 1 - .094 in. (2.39mm) Precision Nozzle (PNZ-24)
  • 1 - .5 in. (12.7mm) QF Precision Nozzle (PNZ-60)
  • 1 - Nozzle Adapter (PNZ-AD)
  • 1 - Nozzle Removal Pad (AC-RP)
  • 1 - Adjustable CSP V Block/Centering Nest (20987)
  • 1 - Adjustable BGA V Block/Centering Nest (19782)
  • 1 - Pack of 100 Pre-Cut Kapton Tapes (KAP-100)
  • 1 - Optical Verification Kit (SRS-OVK)
  • The Metcal APR-1200-SRS Scorpion Advanced Package Rework System ensures both accurate component placement, and the ability to create custom tailored reflow profiles with a single platform rework system. The Scorpion System redefines precision by addressing the technical demands presented by component manufacturers today.

    The challenges of array package rework, and the inability to easily inspect placement accuracy call for a solution that allows simultaneous viewing of Printed Circuit Board Pads (PCBs) and component balls for accurate placement. Through the use of an all-new vision system, the APR-1200SRS employs dual image overlay technology. This new vision system features both top and bottom LED lighting, for shadow-free component visualization and alignment.

    Standard, auto-profile mode ensures fast and easy profile creation with minimum setup time. By selecting the temperature target, any operator can quickly and accurately create reflow profiles for a wide variety of boards, and save them to the device for future use.

    With the APR-1200 SRS Scorpion Advcance Package Rework System, source temperatures and time intervals can be modified and added “on-the-fly". This eliminates the need to wait for the current profile to terminate, before further modifications can be made. The profiles can also range from a simple, four zone entry, to complex reflow and oven-style profiles. Precise solder joint temperatures are measured and displayed in real-time, thus providing the necessary data to accurately and easily establish the optimum reflow profile for each particular application within minutes.

    The APR-1200-SRS two-headed, modular design allows it to be tailored to the user's specific rework needs, fascilitating precision alignment of the smallest BGAs, QFNs and Micro SMDs, with up to 0.0015 in. (.038mm) accuracy. The component, open-ended board holder fits a variety of large, small, and oddshaped boards, while allowing precise positioning over the patented dual subzone pre-heater.

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