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Meriam MFC4150
HART® Communicator

  • Quick start up and connect: 15 seconds!
  • 60 hours battery life (w/o backlight)
  • Update new device profiles and firmware from Meriam via the Internet – the MFC 4150 is never out of your hands
  • Clone / Upload / Download configurations
  • Off-line mode for editing / reviewing configurations
  • Document and store 200 configurations
  • As-found / As-left history with Meriam DMS software
  • 13-line, 128 x 128 graphic, backlit display
  • Dongle coordinates AC power adapter and serial communications
  • Full alpha-numeric keypad
  • Review / Edit on the fly
  • Quick Menu short cuts for commonly used commands
  • HART menu Home key
  • Dedicated text edit keys
  • Programmable lock-out settings
  • Contrast key for direct adjustment in any mode
  • Elastic hand strap, adjustable shoulder strap and soft carrying case
  • Left side thumb keys for one-handed navigation
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Meriam MFC 4150 Shown
Product Information
Datasheet 266 KB PDF
PDF HelpPDF Help
The Meriam MFC 4150 HART Communicator is the new latest HART communicator from Meriam Process Technologies. HART field devices can be configured and trimmed using the MFC. The MFC is a full function HART Communicator with features that optimize commissioning, configuration and maintenance operations.

Meriam MFC 4150 supports all HART devices at the Universal and Common Practice command levels plus a large and growing list of devices at the Device Specific command level.
Functions and uses
Keypad Membrane keypad: 4 soft, 8 single function, 30 dual function, 3 thumb
Display 13 line, 128 x 128 pixel graphic display, 2.1” x 2.1” viewable area, backlight
Power Six AA alkaline or NIMH batteries; or 100-240 vac power adapter
Use only approved alkaline batteries for MFC 4150X units
Connections Standard banana jacks (¾" center) for HART®, Odu connector for dongle. Dongle coordinates AC adapter power and Db-9 serial communications.
4150 Certifications CE EMC testing as battery powered, portable
4150X Certifications ATEX Intrinsically safe (approved AA alkaline batteries only)
II 1 G; EX ia IIC T4
Class I, Div. 1 Groups A, b, C, D: T4
Intrinsically safe, Exia
Class I, Zone Ø, AEX ia IIC T4 Ex ia IIC T4-5ºC<Ta<+50ºC
Temperature Specifications Storage: -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)
Operating: 23°F to 122°F ( -5°C to 50°C)
Size 103/8"L x 4¼” to 2½"W x 1¼" to 17/8"D; AbS plastic case, 1.7 lbs. (w/batts.)
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
MFC415001 Meriam MFC4150-01 Hart Communicator Discontinued
MFC4150X00 Meriam MFC4150X-00 Hart Communicator, Standard Accessories, ATEX, IS to II 1 G; EEx ia IIC T4 (No Subscription) Discontinued
MFC4150X01 Meriam MFC4150X-01 Hart Communicator with 3-year DLS Subscription, ATEX, IS to II 1 G; EEx ia IIC T4 Discontinued
MFC415000 Meriam MFC4150-00 Hart Communicator with Standard Accessories, No DLS Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - DS Software Datasheet
  • 1 - HART lead kit
  • 1 - Protective Rubber boot
  • 1 - RS-232 Serial Cable
  • 1 - Power adapter 120 to 240 vAC, 50 – 60 Hz and Universal Plug Adapter Kit
  • 6 - AA alkaline batteries
  • 1 - Hard copy user’s manual
  • 1 - DPC Manager Utility for updating MFC
  • 1 - CE for EMC testing
  • 1 - ATEX certification by DEMKO
Optional Accessories
A37134 Meriam A37134 NiMH Battery Charger (9V) for MFC4150 Discontinued
A36843 Meriam A36843 NiMH Batteries for MFC4150 Discontinued