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Meriam MFC 5150

HART-Compliant Communicator

Brand: Meriam
Model No: MFC 5150
Our Model No: MFC5150
Condition: NEW
MFC 5150


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Product Features:

  • Preloaded with over 1400 devices to work with every HART transmitter in your plant
  • Large 4.3 in. touchscreen (no stylus required)
  • Preloaded with 12 languages
  • Improved user GUI interaction (data entry, screen response, gesturing, HART beat)
  • Repolling for HART devices
  • Hot key menu
  • Instant "on"
  • On-demand help Menus and teachable device-specific short cuts
  • Full suspend/resume functionality
  • Offline configurations
  • Gesturing similar to smart phones
  • Reads manufacturers' DDs in native format from any HART registered or unregistered device, eliminating need for translations
  • XL Battery enabling 10 hrs continuous use minimum at 100% backlight, 30 days minimum while off, 1 year minimum in storage (with battery removed)
  • Charging cradle with USB connection
  • No subscriptions required
  • Quick start up and connect
  • Manage device information through PC connection
  • Applications:
  • Commission devices
  • Reconfiguration for process changes
  • Troubleshoot devices with HART

The Meriam MFC5150 HART-Compliant Communicator directly reads device descriptions without any translations or subscriptions, enabling communication to take place with any registered or unregistered HART device. This ensures your HART transmitter will connect, regardless of brand or model.

The MFC5150 is built on the SDC-625 infrastructure and runs Windows CE. With a 1 GHz processor and an 4 GB Micro SD card, this HART communicator is ideal for all of your data storage needs. The 4.3 inch touch-screen provides excellent anti-glare viewing, allowing for comfortable use in darkness or in bright sunlight. All functions are easily navigated via the full QWERTY keyboard and intuitive icons similar to that of a smart phone. There are also hyperlink menu paths, teachable device specific shortcuts, instant-on, multiple languages, help context, video's and TAB access to panes just like on a computer.

  • 1 - Handy Carrying Case; Ballistic Nylon Outside/Black 420 Nylon Inside
  • 1 - 39.4 in. Molded Banana Plug Test leads
  • 1 - Wrist Strap
  • 1 - 78.8 in.Type A-to-USB Type B Cable
  • 1 - Documentation, Drivers, PC Utility (CD)
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Manual: PDF Document Icon (7.96 MB)
Quick Start Guide: PDF Document Icon (359 KB)
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