Megger CFL535FR (655535FR)
TDR2000/2R Dual Input Time Domain Reflectometer
with Color Display and Rechargeable Batteries
See: 1001-790

  • 11 fault location modes
  • Dual Input and Output Ports
  • 15 internal memory positions
  • RS-232 interface to a PC or Printer
  • 5 User selectable pulse widths per range
  • 20 km range at VF = 0.90
  • Dual cursor measurement
  • Intermittent fault location
  • Output pulse amplitude and width control
  • "TX Null" technology
  • No blocking filter required
  • Trace averaging
  • Trace Master PC software included
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Product Information
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The Megger CFL535FR (655535FR) is a state of the art, monochrome or color, dual channel Time Domain Reflectometer, capable of identifying and locating a wide range of faults on metallic cables.

The Megger CFL535FR (655535FR) TDR2000/2R Dual Input Time Domain Reflectometer with Color Display and Rechargeable Batteries has a minimum resolution of 0.1m and a maximum range of 20 km at VF=0.9 and 16 Km (48,000 ft.) at 0.65 VF. The TDR2000/2R can perform single or dual channel measurements on a wide range of metallic cables. Active channels can be compared with each other or with previously stored traces from memory. Differential channel measurements are possible and cross talk between channels can also be identified.

All results are displayed on a high resolution, QVGA color display. Full contrast adjustment provides optimum display contrast in a variety of ambient light conditions.

Megger CFL535FR is a fully featured high resolution TDR with a color high resolution display providing excellent trace separation in dual trace modes. The unit is also powered by a rechargeable NiMH and includes battery charger.

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
655535FR Megger CFL535FR Dual Input TDR with Color Display and Rechargeable batteries Discontinued
See: 1001-790
Included Accessories
  • 1 - 6420-114 Test and Carry Pouch
  • 1 - 6220-611 Carry strap for pouch
  • 1 - 6111-458 Trace Master Software
  • 2 - 6231-654 Miniature clip test lead set
  • 1 - 25955-025 Serial data lead
  • 1 - User Guide
Replacement Accessories
6420-114 Megger 6420-114, Test & Carry Pouch for 655535F Buy Now $195.00
Optional Accessories
6111-218 Megger 6111-218, FPK8 Fused Probe Kit for BM80/2 & BMM Series Discontinued
6231-655 Megger 6231-655, Bed of Nails Two Test Lead Sets for 655535F Buy Now Sale $295.35
(Reg. $330.00)