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Megger MPQ1000-G-KIT

8 Channel 3-Phase Handheld Power Quality Analyzer, Gold Kit with 6000A Flexible Current Transformers (27 cm ID)

Brand: Megger
Model No: MPQ1000-G-KIT
Our Model No: MPQ1000GKIT
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Gold Kit includes three 4-range, self-identifying 6000A flexible current transformers with wide 27-cm inner diameter
  • Automatic CT recognition results in never having the unit programmed for an incorrect range
  • CTs are powered by the unit, so there is no need for additional connections
  • Connection verification ensures unit is configured correctly and provides the data you need — no wasted recordings
  • On-board data analysis saves time by allowing an immediate examination of data before leaving the site
  • Multiple communication methods (USB, Ethernet, USB stick or SD card) allow for flexible and convenient operation
  • Removable SD card allows for large recording capabilities and simple memory expansion
  • Expanded 1000 V AC range suitable for more applications, preventing need for a second unit
  • 1000 V DC measurement allows for more applications, eliminating need for additional equipment
  • CAT IV 600 V rating assures safety for all applications
  • Full-featured Class A compliancy (for all parameters) ensures recording of correct values
  • Smart configuration available in Megger PQ software for quick and easy setup
  • Phase angle stability measurement lets you easily find tricky phasing problems caused by multiple erratic sources
  • Timed waveform capture allows for simultaneous taking of PQ events and periodic waveforms
  • Easy intuitive menus allow for simple navigation and operation
  • Free software included means no license or dongle required

Measured Parameters

  • RMS voltage / current
  • DC voltage
  • DC current (requires DC CT, sold separately)
  • Phase-to-phase voltage
  • Power parameters (KW, KVAR, KVA, DPF, TPF)
  • Voltage sag/dips and swells
  • Phase angles
  • Current sags/dips and swells
  • Transient down to 1 msec
  • IEC unbalance
  • Frequency
  • Timed waveform capture
  • Total harmonic distortion
  • Total demand distortion
  • Harmonics
  • Inter-harmonics
  • Energy parameters (KWH, KVARH, KVAH)
  • Mains signaling
  • Harmonic direction
  • IEC flicker
  • Rapid voltage change
  • Phase angle deviation
  • ANSII unbalance
  • Timed waveform capture

The MPQ1000-G-KIT Handheld Power Quality Analyzer Gold Kit has features which make it ideal for troubleshooting, compliance testing and energy audits. Auto CT identification eliminates potential errors due to wrong CT range settings. The analyzer will automatically identify the CT and verify it is connected correctly. This means you can be confident you will have the correct data.

But the hardware is not all it's about - behind the sturdy exterior is an intelligence that is focused on smart testing, with industry-leading software that enables you to minimize errors while testing, and quickly and easily analyze your results. For example, you can create your own company standard templates that can be stored and compared, as well as check your results against compliance standards. This saves time, effort and costs, making your entire testing process more efficient. The software of the MPQ1000GKIT automatically creates custom configurations based on the issue you are troubleshooting, whether it be equipment tripping out, transformer or motor issues, EN50160 analysis or general PQ analysis. This ensures the MPQ1000-G-KIT will capture the power quality phenomenon that causes those problems. You do not have to be a PQ expert to carry out a comprehensive analysis.

The MPQ1000-G-KIT is a highly intuitive analyzer that delivers unmatched capability in a smart ergonomic platform. View RMS data, waveforms, demand data, phase angles, harmonics, unbalance, flicker and more in real time with the MPQ1000-G-KIT scope mode and DVM mode. When data needs to be recorded the MPQ1000-G-KIT record verification will automatically identify the current clamps, recognize their range and verify the unit is connected properly. Simply connect it and push the record button. The MPQ1000-G-KIT can record for extended periods of time because of its massive memory. It utilizes an SD card, which makes expanding the memory as easy as installing a new SD card. The recorded data can be viewed on the MPQ1000-G-KIT color VGA display or the data can be transferred to the high power Megger PQ Power Quality Analysis software via USB cable, USB stick, Ethernet or directly from the SD card. The MPQ1000-G-KIT Bronze Kit also comes with voltage lead plunger clips, hanging strap and 3 MCCV6000-27 wide-diameter (27 cm), 4-range flex CTs.


Using experience gained from supplying a multitude of analyzers to a large number of utilities, industries and service providers, Megger has designed the most versatile unit available today. Some of the applications include the following:

  • Compliance testing to any PQ standard

  • Power factor studies

  • Load studies and load balancing

  • Billing verification

  • Substation monitoring

  • Capacitor bank sizing

  • Transformer analysis and de-rating

  • Motor troubleshooting and inrush testing

  • Switchgear and component failure

  • Tripping breakers

  • Equipment tripping offline

  • Dimming/surging lighting

  • Lamp flicker analysis

  • Neutral overheating

  • Solar (PV) analysis

  • 1 - Power Quality Analyzer (MPQ1000)
  • 3 - Four Range, Self-Identifying 6000A Flexible Current Transformers, 27 cm ID (MCCV6000-27)
  • 1 - Voltage Lead Set (2007-259)
  • 1 - 32 GB SD Card (90023-619)
  • 1 - USB Cable (CA-USB)
  • 1 - USB Memory Stick containing PQ PC Software and User Guides (1009-697)
  • 1 - Ethernet Cable (36798)
  • 1 - Universal 24 V DC Power Adapter (90011-992)
  • 1 - Soft Carrying Bag (2007-626-1)
  • 1 - Battery Pack (2008-369)
  • 4 - Plunger Clips (1008-756)
  • 1 - Hanging Strap (2009-205)
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CP-100CE-ID Megger CP-100CE-ID 100 A AC Split-Core Self-Identifying Current Clamp, 0.8-in. Inner Dia. Add to Cart


CP-20CE-ID Megger CP-20CE-ID 20 A AC Split-Core Self-Identifying Current Clamp, 0.8-in. Inner Dia. Add to Cart


CP-5CE-ID Megger CP-5CE-ID 5 A AC Split-Core Self-Identifying Current Clamp, 0.8-in. Inner Dia. Add to Cart


CP-600DC-ID Megger CP-600DC-ID AC/DC 600 A Split-Core Self-Identifying Current Clamp, 2-in. Inner Dia. Add to Cart


1008-645 Megger 1008-645 Adapter and Fuse Kit with 3 Adapters and 3 Fuses Add to Cart


1009-697 Megger 1009-697 USB Memory Stick with PQ PC Software and User Guides Add to Cart


2007-259 Megger 2007-259 Unfused Voltage Lead Kit with 5 Voltage Leads (6 ft.) and 1 Ground Lead Add to Cart


2007-626-1 Megger 2007-626-1 Soft-Sided Carrying Bag for MPQ1000 Power Quality Analyzer Add to Cart


2008-369 Megger 2008-369 Internal Battery Pack for MPQ1000 Power Quality Analyzer Add to Cart


2009-205 Megger 2009-205 Hanging / Carry Strap for MPQ1000 Power Quality Analyzer Add to Cart


36798 Megger 36798 Ethernet Communications Cable for MPQ1000 Power Quality Analyzer Add to Cart


90011-992 Megger 90011-992 Universal 24 V DC Power Adapter with Interchangeable Plug Adapters Add to Cart


90023-619 Megger 90023-619 32 GB SD Card for MPQ1000 Power Quality Analyzer Add to Cart


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