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Megger BM5200

Digital Insulation Resistance Tester, 1 Tera-ohm, 1.4 mA, 5kV

Brand: Megger
Model No: BM5200
MPN: 1001-289
Our Model No: BM5200
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Performs DC insulation tests at five ranges: 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V, 2500 V, 5000 V
  • Insulation (InS), Polarization Index (PI) and variable timed test (t) modes
  • Selectable AC or DC voltmeter functions with 25 V - 600 V range
  • Guard terminal eliminates surface leakage current from measurements
  • Shutters across terminals prevent accidental ingress of dirt and other objects
  • Locking HV insulated plugs provide additional safety
  • User settable IR test timer
  • Compact and rugged construction with IP40 protection
  • CAT III 600 V safety rating

The Megger BM5200 (1001-289) Digital Insulation Resistance Tester is a battery powered instrument with a digital and analog arc display, designed for high voltage insulation resistance testing in the maintenance and servicing of cables, rotating plant machinery, transformers, switchgear and industrial installations.

The BM5200 performs DC insulation tests at 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V, 2500 V and 5000 V. The tester has an insulation resistance measuring range of 100 kiloohms to 1000 gigaohms. Automatic discharge for capacitive circuits under test is provided and decaying voltage displayed. The guard terminal can be used to minimize the effects of surface leakage and hence erroneous measurements when carrying out insulation resistance tests.

The BM5200 Tester offers three insulation resistance (IR) test modes (InS, PI and t) and they are available in any IR test range. In IR mode (InS) tests are initiated by pressing and holding down the TEST button for two seconds and terminated by a second press of the TEST button. A Polarization Index (PI) mode performs a ratio metric test that calculates the ratio of insulation resistance at ten minutes to insulation resistance at one minute. The IR test timer (t) mode facilitates a single fixed time test based on the set time interval t.

For capacitive test objects the BM5200 will automatically discharge through an internal resistor and indicate voltage across the terminals in the range 25 V to 600 V with higher voltages indicated by '>600 V'. This feature will give decaying voltage indication following the testing of reactive loads. When the voltage indicator disappears it is safe for the user to disconnect the test leads.

The BM5200 is powered by eight 1.5 V IEC LR6 (AA) cells. Design safety features include high voltage warning indicator, external voltage display after IR test, automatic discharge of reactive loads and test leads.

  • 1 - BM5200 Insulation Tester (1001-289)
  • 1 - 3-Meter Lead Set with Medium-Size Insulated Clips (1002-531)
  • 1 - Carrying Case with Lead Storage (6420-117)
  • 8 - 1.5V Alkaline AA Batteries
  • 1 - User Guide
Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (173 KB)
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