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Luxo 18345LG

LFM LED Magnifier, 45" arm, 3-diopter lens & edge clamp

Brand: Luxo
Model No: 18345LG
MPN: LFL026106
Our Model No: 18345LG
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • 7W dimmable LEDs (10W total power consumption)
  • 4000 K color temperature
  • Die-cast aluminum housing
  • 5" diameter lens
  • 3-disopter (1.75X) lens
  • 45" heavy-duty external-spring L-arm
  • Edge clamp mount
  • Color: Light Grey


The Luxo 18345LG LFM LED Magnifier is Luxo’s most cost-effective addition to its growing line of LED Magnifiers.

A die-cast aluminium housing and flexible, spring-balanced 45 inch L-arm ensure the magnifier can be placed in any position.

Auto shut-off and dimming features further ensure energy savings. A set of 7W dimmable LEDs (with a total power consumption of 10W) with a 4000 K color temperature guarantees both energy savings and accurate color rendition.

A 5” diameter 3-diopter (1.75X) lens ensures the 18345-LG LFM LED Magnifier is well-equipped for any inspection or assembly application. Comes in a light grey color and with an edge clamp mount.

LED: Lightsource of the future

LFM LED is equipped with 7W of dimmable LEDs which consume a total of 9.5W of energy.

A 9/4 hour automatic shut-off functionality and step dimming (0-50-100%) feature help to conserve energy.

The 18345LG's Flexibility of the joint between the lamp head and arm makes exact positioning easy.

Shadow-free magnification

The 18345LG LFM LED is supplied with a 5in., 3-(1.75X) glass lens mounted within a circular ring of LEDs.

This design allows for virtually shadow-free magnification.

A cloth shade cover is provided to protect the lens from unwanted dust and debris.

Number of lamps 1
Lamp Power (W) 10
Lightsource LED
CRI and/or Color Temp 80 CRI, 4000K
Lumen/Watt 51
Lumen Out 505
Primary Lens (D) 3
Magnification (X) 1.75
Working Distance (mm) 330
Electrical Data
Max Frequency (Hz) 60
Min Frequency (Hz) 50
Max Voltage (V) 120
Voltage from (V) 100
Total Consumption (W) 10
Technical Data
Max Ambient Temp (°C) 25
IP Classification 20
  • 1 - Cable
  • 1 - External Power Supply with plug
  • 1 - Edge Clamp
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LFM LED Lightweight Illuminated Magnifier
LFM LED Lightweight Illuminated Magnifier
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