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LP Technologies LPT-3000RX4-16 + ASM-WEB

3.0 GHz Remote Spectrum Analyzer, 16 RF Inputs, Desktop and Web Automatic Spectrum Monitoring System

Brand: LP Technologies
Model No: LPT-3000RX4-16 + ASM-WEB
Our Model No: LPT3000RX416ASMWEB
Condition: NEW
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LPT-3000RX4-16 + ASM-WEB


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Product Features:

  • Integrated with Automatic Spectrum Monitoring System desktop client and web access (LPT-ASM-WEB)
  • 9 kHz to 3.0 GHz Frequency Range
  • Utilizes digital signal processing technology
  • Fits 19 in. 1-RU rack space
  • Built with 16 switchable RF input ports
  • 55 dB port isolation
  • 0.5 milliseconds (500 microseconds) port switching speed
  • 310 microsecond sweep time in fast mode
  • High definition spectrum trace with more than 600 points
  • External 10 MHz Reference
  • RBW amd VBW Selection Down to 1 Hz
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • RS232 and LAN TCP/IP interfaces
  • Power consumption: > 65 W
  • Dimensions: 16.38 x 16.93 x 1.73 in. (416 x 430 x 44 mm)

The LP Technologies LPT-3000RX4-16 + ASM-WEB 3.0 GHz Remote Spectrum Analyzer is part of the LPT-X Series, which is the 4th generation of powerful remote spectrum analyzers backed by LP Technologies’ 20 years of experience in the signal monitoring business. The wide frequency range covers IF's 70 MHz, satellite's L Band, and spans from 9 kHz up to 3.0 GHz. The multi-application LPT-3000RX4-16 + ASM-WEB is optimized for uses in the teleports, wireless, military, oil, gas, and other industries.

Integrated with LPT-ASM Software Solution with Desktop Client and Web Access

The LP Technologies LPT-ASM-WEB Automatic Spectrum Monitoring System displays real time plots of satellite spectral plots (power versus frequency) and records these plots on a 30 second interval. Alarm masks produce an aural, visual, and email alarm when power limits are exceeded or dropped below allowed levels. The LPT-ASM is easy to deploy, easy to operate, and can be used as a tool to reduce costs by consolidating operations. It can provide a record of satellite transmissions for forensics and SLA compliance, as well as difference levels of situational awareness to operators, managers, and customers. It is a cost effective tool to any user or operator of satellite transmission systems.

Key features of the LPT-ASM Software solution include:

  • Recording: The LPT-ASM records a spectral plot (power versus frequency) in a MYSQL database and these images can be retrieved and displayed easily using a calendar-based lookup. This is quite useful for forensics and providing SLA compliance, and for cases where RF interference has occurred.
  • Alarms: Audible, visual, email, and SNMP trap alarms are generated on an alarm condition.
  • Display: The system allows each client to create its own displays. For example the NOC has a 10x10 matrix of all carriers monitored and system managers can have their own tailored displays of just the satellites in which they are interested.
  • Small footprint: Each remote spectrum analyzer has an embedded 4 or 16 port switch and is 2 RU high, with an integral Ethernet port. The server and clients run on any Windows operating system. Deployment is fast end easy.
  • Simplicity of Use: Creating traces is as simple as specifying the center frequency and bandwidth. Creating alarms involves drawing a “square” of high/low alarm set point and low/high frequency. One can set up a complete monitoring regime including recording and alarms for a large network in short time.
  • Cross-pole display: Traces of co-pole and crosspole can be overlaid with each other. In addition to using this display to assist with satellite access, the display can be recorded and displayed continuously on the NOC’s situational awareness screen. Enhancements to workflow and cost reduction The customer’s principal reason for deploying this system was to enhance situational awareness and thereby consolidate operations at a single site. This allows significant cost reduction. Previously, spectrum analyzers had to be viewed and controlled locally at teleports in the US and overseas. With the LPT-ASM, all elements of the organization have complete and ubiquitous access to real-time and archived RF data.

Spectrum Monitoring Made Easy

In addition to fitting right in with the Automatic Spectrum Monitoring System (LPT-ASM), the most effective and affordable SMS in the satellite industry, the LPT-3000RX4-16 + ASM-WEB is also compatible with the LP Technologies Low Earth Orbit (LPT-LEO), the only SMS dedicated to addressing the needs of the Low-Earth-Orbit satellite industry. Using the LPT-3000RX4-16 + ASM-WEB's multi-port capability, operators can collect critical data fast while performing powerful measurements with accuracy. The LPT-3000RX4-16 + ASM-WEB can also be easily integrated with other SMS and NMS systems.

Measuring Signals with Precision

The LPT-3000RX4-16 + ASM-WEB is a High Prescision spectrum analyzer designed to meet and exceed requirements for all remote testing and monitoring applications.

  • 1 - 3.0 GHz Remote Spectrum Analyzer with 16 RF Input Ports (LPT-3000RX4-16 + ASM-WEB)
  • 1 - Automatic Spectrum Monitoring System with Desktop Client and Web Access (LPT-ASM-WEB)
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Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (1.07 MB)
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