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LEM Test Equipment Price List

Model Description Buy Online Price
A3P3PH550ACTS LEM A3P 3PH 5/50A CTS Analyst 3P Clamp Set 5A/50A 3-PH  Discontinued
See: Fluke 1735
A3P3PHFLEX LEM A3P-3PH-FLEX Analyst 3P Flex 3 PH Set 5A/150A/3000A  Discontinued
See: Fluke 1735
A3P4PH550ACTS LEM A3P 4PH 5/50A CTS Analyst 3P Clamp Set 5A/50A 3-Ph +N  Discontinued
See: Fluke 1735
ANALYST2050 LEM ANALYST 2050 AC/DC TRMS 2000A Power Clamp  Discontinued
See: Fluke 345
See: Fluke 1735
ANALYSTQ70 LEM ANALYST Q70 PQ Analyzer Single Phase Inc Flex  Discontinued
E631820090 LEM E631820090 Permlink for Remote Access via Modem - Discontinued  Discontinued
EI162AC LEM EI-162AC Clip-On Current Transformer (Inducing)  Discontinued
EI162BN LEM EI-162BN 12.7 Inch (320MM) Split core transformer  Discontinued
EI162X LEM EI-162X Clip-on current transformer (sensing) with shielded cable set  Discontinued
EK0609Z LEM EK0609Z License for measuring function A, memobox 808-P - Discontinued  Discontinued
EK0610Z LEM EK0610Z License for measuring function A, Memobox - Discontinued  Discontinued
EK0611Z LEM EK0611Z License for measuring function A, memobox 808-P+Q - Discontinued  Discontinued
EP0004A LEM EP0004A Ethernet Cable Set - Discontinued  Discontinued
EP0888Z LEM EP0888Z Pocket PC with Installed CODAM PDA S/W, EU Outlets - Discontinued  Discontinued
ES162P3 LEM ES-162P3 Stake set for 3 pole measurement  Discontinued
ES162P4 LEM ES-162P4 Stake set for 4 pole measurement  Discontinued
FS17XX LEM FS17XX Shielded 4-Phase Flexi Set for Models 1735, 1743, 1744, 1745 - Discontinued  Discontinued
HandyGeo LEM Handy Geo Earth Ground Meter 3 Pole  Discontinued
HANDYGEOWACC LEM Handy Geo W/ACC Earth Ground Meter INC 3 Pole Set  Discontinued
HandyISO LEM Handy ISO Insulation Tester 100/250/500V 20Gohm  Discontinued
See: Insulation Testers / Megohommeters
HEMEGeo30 LEM HEME Geo 30 Clamp-On Ground Loop Tester  Discontinued
HEMEISO1000 LEM HEME ISO 1000 AC/DC Current Clamp DMM & Insulation Tester  Discontinued
HEMEISO2000 LEM HEME ISO 2000 AC/DC Current Clamp DMM & Insulation Tester  Discontinued
ISOPlus LEM ISO-Plus Insulation Tester & TRMS Multimeter  Discontinued
See: New Insulation Testers
LH1010 LEM LH1010 AC/DC Clamp Meter 400/1000A 100MA RES  Discontinued
See: Fluke 337A
LH1020 LEM LH1020 AC 400/1000A Clamp Meter  Discontinued
See: Fluke 373
LH1025 LEM LH1025 AC TRMS 400/1000A Clamp  Discontinued
See: Fluke 375
LH1035 LEM LH1035 AC/DC TRMS 400/1500A Clamp  Discontinued
See: Fluke 337A
LH1040 LEM LH1040 AC/DC TRMS 400/1000A Clamp Meter  Discontinued
See: Fluke 337A
LH1050 LEM LH1050, AC/DC TRMS 1000A POWER CLAMP  Discontinued
See: Fluke 345
LH1060 LEM LH1060, AC/DC TRMS 1000A POWER Q CLAMP  Discontinued
LH2015 LEM LH2015 AC/DC TRMS 400/2000A Clamp Meter  Discontinued
LH2040 LEM LH2040 AC/DC TRMS 400/2000A Clamp DMM  Discontinued
LH240 LEM LH240 AC/DC TRMS 40/200A Clamp DMM  Discontinued
LH41 LEM LH41 AC/DC Low Current Clamp Meter 4/40A 1MA Resolution,  Discontinued
LH410 LEM LH410 AC/DC TRMS Clamp Meter 40/400A 10MA RES  Discontinued
LH630 LEM LH630 AC/DC 400/600A Clamp Meter  Discontinued
See: Fluke 336A
LH635 LEM LH635 AC/DC TRMS 400/600A Clamp Meter  Discontinued
See: Fluke 337A
LK60 LEM LK60 Low Current Leakage Clamp Meter, 10 microA to 60A, SC0060A Discontinued
PR1001 LEM PR1001 PR200A/1000A AC/DC 10kHz 31mm DMM  Discontinued
See: Fluke i1010
PR1030 LEM PR1030 PR 1000A AC/DC 20kHz 31 mm OSC  Discontinued
See: Fluke i1010
PR1200ACI LEM PR1200-ACI PR 1200A AC 1MA/A O/P 54MM DMM  Discontinued
PR1200X LEM PR1200-X PR 1200A AC 1MA/A HI Res 54mm  Discontinued
PR1235 LEM PR1235 PR 1000A AC 300kHz 60mm OSC  Discontinued
See: Fluke i1000S
PR1520 LEM PR1520 150/1500A AC/DC 10kHz 50kHz 50mm DMM  Discontinued
PR1530 LEM PR1530 PR 150A/1500A AC/DC 20kHz 50mm OSC  Discontinued
PR20 LEM PR20 PR 20A AC/DC 10kHz, 19mm DMM  Discontinued
PR200 LEM PR200 PR 20A/200A AC/DC10kHz 19mm DMM  Discontinued
See: Fluke i310S
PR2000 LEM PR2000 PR 2800A AC/DC 10kHz 50mm DMM  Discontinued
See: Fluke i1000S
PR200ACI LEM PR200ACI PR 200A AC 15mm 1MA/A O/P DMM  Discontinued
See: Fluke i200
PR230 LEM PR230 PR 20A/200A AC 40kHz 15mm OSC  Discontinued
See: Fluke i230S
PR30 LEM PR30 PR 30A, AC/DC 100kHz 19mm OSC  Discontinued
PR430 LEM PR430 PR40A/400A AC/DC 20kHz 19mm OSC  Discontinued
See: Fluke i310S
PR50 LEM PR50 PR 5/50A AC/DC 50mHz 5mm OSC  Discontinued
PR620 LEM PR620 PR 60A/600A AC/DC 10kHz 35mm DMM  Discontinued
PR630 LEM PR630 PR 60A/600A AC/DC 20kHz 35mm OSC  Discontinued
SaturnGeo LEM Saturn Geo Earth/Ground Tester 4 Pole AFC  Discontinued
See: Fluke 1623 & 1625
SaturnGeoPlus LEM Saturn Geo Plus Three and Four Pole Earth Ground Tester, TAKELESS FUNC, A188506711  Discontinued
See: Fluke 1623 & 1625
SaturnGeoX LEM Saturn Geo X Advanced Three and Four Pole Earth Ground Tester + UNIV CASE, A188506513  Discontinued
See: Fluke 1623 & 1625
SaturnGeoEasy LEM Saturn Geo-Easy 3 and 4 Pole Earth Tester Discontinued
See: Fluke 1623
UNIGOR390 LEM UNIGOR 390 AC/DC TRMS DMM Power Meter  Discontinued
See: AEMC 8220
UNILAPISO5kV LEM UNILAP ISO 5kV Digital 5kV Insulation Tester  Discontinued
UNILAPISOX LEM UNILAP ISO X Insulation Tester 50 - 1000V 3TOHM  Discontinued
VL1735 LEM VL1735 Banana 4-Phase Voltage Lead Set for Fluke-1735  Discontinued

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