Leader LV5381-S
4-Input Multi SDI Waveform Monitor w/ Display Options

  • Includes the Audio Lissajous Display option and Status Display option
  • Simultaneous Monitoring of Four Inputs
  • Rich Assortment of Display Features
  • Wide Variety of Display Formats
  • Extremely Flexible Display Layouts
  • Video Signal Waveform Display
  • Picture display has a wide variety of picture monitoring features, such as color temperature specification; brightness, contrast, and aperture adjustment; and the display of gamut error locations
  • Standard-Equipped CINELITE II
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Product Information
Datasheet 227 KB PDF
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  • S-LOG2 Exposure Function Capabilities (Option)
  • Display can be captured and stored as image data. The captured data can be displayed on the LV5381. Additionally, it can be saved as bitmap files to USB memory, which makes it possible to view the data on a PC
  • External Sync Signal Input
  • Stores up to 30 front panel presets
  • All the panel keys have LEDs. This makes it easy to find the keys even in dark environments
  • Equipped with a feature that stores panel settings to memory
  • IDs can be assigned to input channels. IDs are entered from the LV5381 panel
  • The LV5381 can deliver the embedded audio of an SDI signal in stereo through the headphone output jacks.
The LV5381S is a waveform monitor that can monitor up to four SDI signals simultaneously. It is optimized for the level adjustment of the outputs of multiple installed cameras. In the video signal waveform display, vector display, and picture display, multiple input signals can be displayed on top of each other or lined up next to each other.

The LV-5381-S is also full of useful features such as a level meter display for embedded audio, an error display that indicates transmission errors, and a 5-bar display that shows video signal peak levels using five bars. Furthermore, the LV 5381 S can show different combinations of these displays in its multi-screen display.
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LV5381-S Leader LV5381S 4-Input Multi SDI Waveform Monitor w/ Lissajous and Status Display Options Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • User Manual
  • AC Adapter
Optional Accessories
LV5381-OP01 Leader LV 5381-OP01 Dual Link Option for the LV5381 Discontinued
LV5381-OP02 Leader LV 5381-OP02 Audio Lissajous Display Option for the LV5381 Discontinued
LV5381-OP03 Leader LV 5381-OP03 Status Display Option for the LV5381 Discontinued
LV5381-OP04 Leader LV 5381-OP04 3D-Assist Option for the LV5381 Discontinued
AC ADAPTER Leader AC adapter for LV5750, LV5330, LV5381, LV5382, LV7330 Buy Now Sale $114.00
(Reg. $120.00)