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Leader VL300 Uncompressed 1.485 Gb/s
HD-SDI, SD-SDI and DVB-ASI Wireless Video Link

  • Uncompressed SDI video transmission
  • 100 meter range
  • 60 GHz unlicensed spectrum
  • Unique modulation technique
  • Reliable, low-cost silicon technology

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Product Information
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The wireless video link provides unprecedented bandwidth for transmission of SDI video signals. No compression or coding is required - and that means full resolution with absolutely no video artifacts.
Every pixel is transported with near zero delay (limited only by the speed of light!). Both HD-SDI and SD-SDI, as well as DVB ASI streams are supported. 270 Mb/s (SD) or 1.485 Gb/s (HD) rates are transmitted through the link with auto detection. Rear panel LED indicators provide simple set up and operation. The transmitter and receiver units use BNC (SDI video) and XLR (12V power) connections for easy installation. The enclosure is designed for either permanent or temporary mounting and is weatherized to handle outdoor environments.
The 60 GHz band is internationally harmonized for unlicensed operation with very high security due to the directional characteristics of millimeter wave propagation.
Digital Video
Connector BNC
Input signal Level 800 mVpp nominal
Input Impedance SMPTE 259M75 ohm
Input Return Loss > 15 dB
Lead Indicators

HD (blue)

HD signal present at input
SD (orange) SD signal present at input

LER (red)

Loss of input signal error

LOK (yellow)

Input video signal lock

PWR (green)

Power on
Power requirements 11-16 VDC, 1A

Power connector

4-pin XLR male
Pin 1 common
Pin 4 +12V

Carrier frequency

59.5 GHz
Carrier stability +/- 50 ppm
Transmit output power 10 mW
Antenna gain 28 dBi
Antenna polarization Antenna polarization
Modulation Subcarrier OOK
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
Vl300 Leader VL300 60GHZ Wireless RX/TX Link Uncompressed HD Discontinued
VL300TX500RX Leader VL300TX/500RX 60GHZ Wireless Uncompressed RX/TX Link -350m + Discontinued
VL500 Leader VL500 60GHZ Wireless Uncompressed RX/TX Link -500m + Discontinued
VL500EH Leader 60GHZ Wireless Uncompressed RX/TX Link -500m + Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Instruction Manual

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