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Leader LE1853
CD/CD-ROM Jitter Meter, Discontinued

  • Quantified, Repeatable Jitter Measurements
  • Increased Accuracy and Throughput
  • Objective Readings Free of Interpretation Errors
  • Jitter and EFM RF Levels Simultaneously
  • Level Meter Shows 3T and 11T Bits and Ratios
  • Peak and Sigma-Weighted Jitter Readings
  • Polarity Selector for Jitter Referenced to Rising or Falling Transitions to Show Asymmetry
  • GO/NO GO Judgement with Adjustable Thresholds
  • Switchable Speeds:
    X1, X2, X4, X6, X8
  • Processing to Correct 3T Asymmetry Prior to Jitter Measurement
Model Description Price
LE 1853 CD/CD-ROM Jitter MeterLE1853


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