Leader LCR-745(G)
Digital LCR Meter, Discontinued

Recommended Substitute: Instek LCR Meters

  • Measures L, C, R and D or Q
  • Automatic Ranging and Circuit Mode Selection
  • Offset Function Cancels Fixture L, C and R
  • +1.5 V internal DC Bias
  • 0 to +30 V External DC Bias2, 4 or 5 Terminal Measurements
  • 120 Hz or 1 kHz Test Frequencies
  • 0.35% Basic Accuracy
  • Full Listener/Talker GPIB

The LCR745 is a CPU controlled digital LCR meter with automatic and manual ranging.  Direct resistance, capacitance and inductance measurements of components in equivalent series and parallel modes can be made with Quality (Q) and Dissipation (D) displayed simultaneously with inductance and capacitance.  The unit's wide automatic measurement range greatly reduces the time associated with performing these component measurements compared with a manual LCR bridge.  This makes the LCR-745 an ideal instrument for incoming inspection  or final production test of components where ease of operation and high throughput are necessary.  An offset function is available which can be used to cancel any residual resistance, capacitance or inductance of the test leads of fixtures being used.  In addition, the offset function can be used to normalize the value of a component under test to zero.  The deviation (including polarity) from this normalized value of succeeding components will be displayed simplifying testing.  Test frequencies of 120 Hz and 1 kHz are provided.   In addition, an internal dc bias of 1.5 V is available with provision for the use of an extremely applied bias of up to 30 V for the testing of electrolytic capacitors.

Note:  Existing LCR-745 units may be converted to GPIB operation (Model LCR745G).

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