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Leader LV7770E
Multi-SDI Rasterizer with Eye Pattern

  • Accepts Two 3G/HD/SD-SDI Sources And Provides Picture, Waveform, Vector, Audio, CINELITE II, 5-Bar and Status Displays Individually and In Various Screen Combinations.
  • Supports Dual Link & 3G Level A & B Operation.
  • Autonomous Monitoring & Error Detection; Alarm For Audio Silence/Video Freeze & Video Black.
  • Data Analysis, Settable Error Levels With Monitoring, Alarms And Error Logs With Time Code.
  • Platform Can Monitor And Display Two Sources At The Same Time In Two or Four Split Screen Displays.
  • As the Standard, Digital Audio Supports Full Loudness, Lip-sync And A/V Delay Measurements In Addition To Providing Lissajous And Bar Graph Displays.
  • Accepts And Displays On Picture And Data For Closed Caption (Supports both EIA-608-B & EIA-708 systems).
  • USB Connector Allows The Use Of A flash drive For Storing Captured Screens, Presets And Software / Firmware Updates.
  • DVI-D Rasterized Output displays to External LCD Monitor.
  • HDMI Program Output Of The Selected Source Is Provided.
  • Supports Options Including Physical Layer Testing with Eye Pattern, Digital (in Additional 8ch) & Analog Audio and Composite Inputs.
  • Ethernet Connectivity Allows For Remote Control Over The Web; Supports TELNET, FTP, HTTP & SNMP.
  • Universal AC Power Supply Allows For World-Wide Use.

Product Information
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The Leader LV777E Multi SDI Rasterizer provides 3D Assist function, flexible User Layout, Loudness display, Lip-Sync measurement, EIA-708/EIA-608 Closed Caption, AFD, Webserver, Physical Layer testing, ANC Data Viewer, Dolby Metadata Analysis and simultaneous display of 16 channels of audio.
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LV7770E Leader LV7770E Multi-SDI Rasterizer with Eye Pattern Buy Now
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Instruction Manual
Optional Accessories
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LV5770-OP09 Leader LV 5770-OP09 Eye Pattern & Jitter Measurements for 3G/HD/SD-SDI Option for the LV 5770 Discontinued
LV5770-OP42 Leader LV 5770-OP42 Analog Audio 8-channels I/O with Built-In D/A Converter Option for the LV 5770 Buy Now
LV7770-OP70 Leader LV7770OP70 Digital Audio Adaptor Buy Now
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