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Leader LV7380 Multi-SDI Rasterizer
See: LV7770

  • Two Serial Digital Inputs and Outputs
  • DVI-I Output/On-Picture Measurements
  • Multi-Screen Display and 2-Channel Simultaneous Display
  • CINELITE II (CINELITE feature and Leader's patented CINEZONE feature)
  • Display Mode Switch Keys
  • Equivalent Cable Length Measurement Feature
  • Audio
  • Last Memory
  • External Remote Connector
  • Optional Eye Pattern Module
  • 5-bar Display
  • User Selectable Error Levels & Alarms
  • Time-Code Referenced Error Logs
  • Black Burst & Tri-Level Sync
  • Provides Loop-through for SDI Inputs
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Product Information
Datasheet 190 KB
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The LV 7380 is a 1U, full rack rasterizer that displays video signal waveforms, vectors, and pictures of HD-SDI and SD-SDI signals on an external LCD monitor. The LV 7380 has a variety of useful features such as audio signal displays that include the Lissajous and level meter displays of embedded audio, simultaneous display of two SDI signals, and screen captures that can be saved to USB memory. In addition, gamut errors can be displayed over the picture. SDI signals that are received through channel A and B can be reclocked and transmitted from the OUTPUT A/B and OUTPUT B connectors with a press of one of the INPUT keys. There is also a factory option that enables the display of eye patterns of SDI signals. All these features are packed in a small unit that is only 250 mm deep.

The LV7380 Multi-Screen Dual HD/SD-SDI Rasterizer offers simultaneous display of 2 HD/SD-SDI inputs such as picture, waveform, vector, 5-bar, audio, status as well as CINELITE and CINEZONE representation. Since it displays technical information in a creative and user-friendly manner, it is suitable for use in production houses and studios. The DVI-I output on the rasterizer provides excellent display of waveforms and picture representation with a resolution of 1024 x 768. With On-Picture measurements as well as true-color and false-color displays, information regarding pictures can be easily communicated between technical and creative teams. The recorded waveforms and picture representations can be compared to the live feed for finding the desired results. The 5-bar display monitors the R, G, B levels and the composite gamut, while the user selectable error levels and alarms enable easy monitoring. An optional eye pattern module, which is useful for assessing the integrity of digital signals, is also available.

With a USB drive you can upload captured screens, presets and software / firmware updates to the rasterizer. The 30 presets allow the user to quickly access the setups and customize the instrument. Time-code referenced error logs allow for material Q/A and enhance the work flow. The black burst and the tri-level sync, used for synchronizing SD and HD video sources, provide an external reference and help in system timing.

The audio to be displayed is send via a channel AES / EBU to a headphone monitoring output. The rasterizer provides loop-through for SDI inputs that can be set as HD / SD-SDI switched output of the selected source
Ordering Information
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LV7380 Leader LV7380 Multi-SDI Rasterizer Discontinued
See: LV7770
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Instruction manual
  • 1 - AC adapter
  • 1 - 25-pin D-sub connector
  • 1 - 25-pin D-sub connector cover
Optional Accessories
LV7380-OP01 Leader LV7380-OP01 3D-Assist Option For The LV7380 Discontinued
LV7380-OP02 Leader LV7380-OP02 Eye Pattern & Jitter HD/SD-SDI Unit Discontinued

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