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Leader LV5836C
Surround Audio Monitor,
Leader LV5800 w/OP40A

  • 6-Channel AES/EBU Digital Inputs
  • Includes Level Display for Sub Woofer Channel
  • Stereo Bargraph Level or Phase Display
  • Precision Display of Sound Image Aids in Mixing and Mic Placement
  • Display of L-C-R Surround (3-1) or L-C-R-Ls-Rs (3-2)
  • 5-Channel Analog Balanced/Unbalanced Inputs
  • Interchannel Lissajous Displays Spots Polarity Errors at a Glance
  • Auto Spot Killer

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Model LV 8536C is capable of displaying a precise sound image that visually matches the human aural perception of sound directivity in surround-sound systems.  Developed in collaboration with NHK, the Japanese National Broadcasting Company, the digital processor works out phase and amplitude aspects to display the sound image.  Both L-Ctr-R-S (3-1) and L-Ctr-R-LS-RS (3-2) are accommodated as well as the 5.1 Dolby system.  The unit accepts the latter in the form of 6-channel AES/EBU digital audio.  A separate on-screen level indicator is employed for the low frequency woofer (0.1) channel.

In addition to the sound image, dedicated bargraph level indicators are provided.  And six multi-Lissajous displays are available to show phase and polarity between pairs in the five channel group, this to spot polarity inversion in signal feeds at a glance.  The unit accepts six channels of AES/EBU digital audio as well as five channels of analog audio in both balanced and unbalanced form.  Peak or average response may be chosen, and an auto gain feature ensures optimum display.  But fixed reference levels are menu selectable for both digital and analog inputs.  A spot killer protects the CRT from extended no-signal operation.

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LV5836C Leader LV5836C Surround Audio Monitor Discontinued
See: LV5800 w/OP40A

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