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Leader LV5800
Multi-SDI Multi-Platform Monitor
See: LV5800A

  • LV5800 Accepts Up To 4 Signal Input Options And
    Up To 2 Output Options
  • Built-In XGA Display (1024 x 768) For Crisp Waveforms
    And Picture Representations
  • Autonomous Monitoring & Error Detection;
    Alarm For Audio Silence/Video Freeze & Video Black
  • USB Connector Allows The Use Of A Jump-Drive For Storing Captured Screens, Presets and Firmware Updates
  • Monitors And Displays Up To Four Sources At The Same Time (When Properly Configured)
  • Support Options Including Data Analysis, Physical Layer Testing with Eye Pattern And Can Be Updated As Needed
  • Ethernet Connectivity Allows For Remote Control Over The Web; Supports TELNET, FTP and SNMP
  • Remote Control Panel Available Separately
  • Universal AC Power Supply Allows For World Wide Use
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The LV5800 is a Multi-SDI Monitor for HD/SD-SDI signals with an XGA (1024 x 768) TFT color LCD in an adjustable tilt front panel.  The LV5800 provides all of the functions you need for professional HD/SD-SDI test and monitoring while adding features never before available in a waveform monitor. 

Inputs supported and auto-detected by the LV5800 include twenty-three standard SDI formats.  There are additional accommodations for 10 bit and 12 bit systems,  which includes future handling of Y, Cb, Cr, 4:2:2 and GRB 4:4:4 standards (Dual Link).  The LV5800 can display the input signals in Waveform, Vector, 5-Bar, Picture, Audio, Data, and Status modes in various combinations.  The multi-screen setup allows you to select the input and format you want displayed in each quadrant.

The LV5800 comes with four slots for input options and two slots for output options.  This provides you more flexibility in the configuration of you unit.  In addition, the modules are field installable and replaceable, so you can add additional functions as your needs grow.

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
LV5800 Leader LV5800, Multi Monitor Platform w/SDI Input & DVI-I Out Discontinued
See: LV5800A
LV5800-3G Leader LV58003G 3G HD/SD-SDI Multi Monitor Platform (Includes LV5800-OP06 for 3G/HD/SD-SDI Operation) Discontinued
CINELITELV5800 Leader CINELITE-LV5780 Cinelite Software Discontinued
LV5800OP01 Leader LV5800-OP01, SDI Input Unit for LV5800 Discontinued
LV5800-OP01A Leader LV5800-OP01A SDI Input Unit for LV5800 & LV7800 Discontinued
LV5800-OP02 Leader LV5800-OP02, Eye Pattern Input Unit Discontinued
LV5800OP03 Leader LV5800-OP03, Composite Video Input Unit for LV5800 Discontinued
LV5800-OP03A Leader LV5800OP03A Composite Analog Option for LV5800 & LV7800 Discontinued
LV5800-OP04 Leader LV5800-OP04 MPEG/ASI Card Option for LV5800 Discontinued
LV5800-OP06 Leader LV5800-OP06 3GHz SDI Option for <a href="http://www.testequipmentdepot.com/leader/lv5800.htm">LV5800</a> Discontinued
LV5800OP40 Leader LV5800-OP40, 8-Ch AES/EBU I/O Unit for LV5800 Discontinued
LV5800-OP40-2 Leader LV5800-OP40-2, 16-Ch AES/EBU I/O Unit for <a href="/leader/lv5800.htm">LV5800</a> Discontinued
LV5800-OP40-2D Leader LV5800-OP40-2D *Internal Option* 16-Channel AES/EBU Input Output Unit for LV5800 Discontinued
LV5800-OP40A Leader LV5800-OP40A, 8-Ch AES/EBU I/O Unit for <a href="/leader/lv5800.htm">LV5800</a> Discontinued
LV5800-OP40D Leader LV5800-OP40D, 8-Ch AES/EBU I/O Unit for <a href="/leader/lv5800.htm">LV5800</a> with Dolby E Discontinued
LV5800CINELITEII Leader LV5800 CINELITE II CINELITE and CINEZONE Displays for LV5800 Discontinued
Optional Accessories
LC-2125A Leader LC-2125A, Blank Panel for LR-2700-I; LR-2700A-I; LR-2750-I Discontinued
LC2128 Leader LC-2128 Front Cover for LV5750 and LV5330 Discontinued
LC2152U Leader LC-2152U Front Display mount for LV5800 Discontinued
LR2427B Leader LR2427B, Cabinet for LV5800, LV5700A Discontinued
LR-2427B-U Leader LR-2427B-U Waveform Monitor Cabinet Buy Now Sale $190.00
(Reg. $200.00)

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