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Leader LV5700A
Multi SDI Monitor

  • Monitors SMPTE-259M, SMPTE-292M, SMPTE-296M
  • Auto Detection of Input 20 HD-SDI and SD-SDI
  • Total Digital Signal Processing
  • Vector Magnification (x2, x5, and P-Mag)
  • Data Dump for Detailed Pixel Analysis
  • Adjustable Alarm Thresholds
  • 8-Channel Bargraphs
  • Ethernet for Remote Control and Error Logging
  • Full Digital Line Select
  • Optional Eye Pattern Operation

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The LV 5700A is a Multi SDI Monitor for HD/SD-SDI signals with an XGA TFT color LCD in an adjustable tilt front panel. The monitor tests 14 HD-SDI and SD-SDI formats with total digital processing compliant to SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 296M. Input format, colorimetry and trilevel or black burst external reference inputs are automatically detected.

Extensive monitoring functions include waveform (YCbCr, YRGB, YGBR, RGB or GBR), vector (75% or 100% graticules), picture and surround sound monitoring modes. The first SDI module accepts two SDI inputs switchable from the front panel providing buffered SDI output(s) of the selected feed. Parade, overlay and timing modes facilitate characterization of component waveform levels and timing. Freeze mode allows comparisons of different SDI input signals. Multi-display operating modes include a thumbnail picture display.

Digital audio from HD/SD groups (1 & 2) or (3 & 4) are disembedded and output as four pairs of AES/EBU. Digital audio is also displayed as 3:1, 3:2, or 3:2:2 surround images, multi-lissajous and 8-Ch bargraphs. The peak bargraphs have selectable dynamic ranges as well as average ballistics. Remapping of the channel order allows users to create custom displays.

High Resolution decoded pix-monitor outputs may be set to feed monitor requirements as either YPbPr or GBR. Digital line-select, precision digital cursors, menu control of storage of 100 front-panel setups, flash card, USB and Ethernet round out the operating features. The HD/SD status screens list detection of input format, TRS, CRC checks for chroma and luma, video, audio ID, ancillary parity and check sum errors... User adjustable alarm error thresholds are provided for digital component level ranges. Ethernet allows full remote control operation and monitoring of operating conditions including alarms. HD/SD eye pattern analysis with automatic measurements is an option. DC operation is also available as an option.

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
LV5700A  Leader LV5700A Multi SDI Monitor (Discontinued)  Discontinued
LV5700A-OP60  Leader LV5700A OP-60 MPEG Input Card for LV5700A (Discontinued)  Discontinued
LV5700A-070  Leader LV5700A OP70 Eye Pattern Display for LV5700A (Discontinued)  Discontinued
LV5700A-071  Leader LV5700A OP71 DC Operation for LV5700A (Discontinued)  Discontinued
LV5700AOP72  Leader LV5700A OP72 Additional SDI Input Module for LV5700A (Discontinued)  Discontinued
LV5700A-73A  Leader LV5700A OP73A NTSC/PAL Composite Analog Input Module for LV5700A (Discontinued)  Discontinued
LV5700A-075  Leader LV5700A OP75 AES/EBU Inputs, 8 Channels for LV5700A (Discontinued)  Discontinued
LV5700A-076  Leader LV5700A OP76 HD-SD Eye Pattern w/o Demodulator for LV5700A (Discontinued)  Discontinued
LV5700AOP77  Leader LV5700A-OP77 Full Dual Link Option for LV5700A (Discontinued)  Discontinued
CINELITELV5700A  Leader CINELITE-LV5700A Cinelite Software for LV5700A (Discontinued)  Discontinued
LV5800CINELITEII Leader LV5800 CINELITE II CINELITE and CINEZONE Displays for LV5800 Discontinued
FS3018  Leader FS3018 Lighting Monitor Software for LV5700A  Discontinued

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