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Leader LV5330
Multi-SDI Monitor

  • Monitors 2 HD/SD-SDI Sources And Displays Picture, CINELITE, CINEZONE, Waveform, Vector, 5-Bar, Audio and Status Displays In Various Combinations
  • Built-In, 6.5 inch TFT-LCD XGA Display (1024 x 768) for Superb, Crisp Waveforms And Picture Representations
  • CINELITE On-Picture Measurements, CINEZONE false color displays and peaking function facilitate quick camera focus and exposure setups.
  • Effortlessly Monitors R,G,B Levels & Composite Gamut With Innovative 5-Bar Display
  • Time-Code Referenced Gamut Error Logs Facilitate Material Q/A And Improve Work Flows
  • User Settable Error Levels & Alarms Facilitate Worry-Free Monitoring
  • Embedded Audio Is Displayed And 2 Audio Channels (User Selectable) Are Fed To A Headphone Monitoring Output
  • Pictures And Waveform Representations Can Be Captured, Reviewed And Compared To Live
  • USB Connector Allows The Use Of A Jump-Drive For Storing Captured Screens, Presets And Software / Firmware Updates\Various Display Adjustments Facilitate Monitor Matching Within A Production Or Studio Environment.
  • 30 Presets Permit Quick Access To Setups; USB Storage Of Presets Allows Each User To Personalize The Instrument
  • Provides HD/SD-SDI Switched Output Of The Selected Source
  • Accepts Black-Burst As Well As Tri-Level Sync For External Reference And Facilitates System Timing
  • Lightweight & Compact; 2.9 lbs, 8.5(W) x 5.5(H) x 2.6(D) inches
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Product Information
Datasheet  1.2 MB PDF Datasheet
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Equipped with the latest innovations in pro-video monitoring and test, the LV5330 represents a revolutionary solution for production and studio professionals. The instrument was developed specifically to address the needs of both creative and technical talent, providing information in a variety of easy to use and easy to understand displays.
On-Picture measurements as well as true-color and false-color displays allow unprecedented understanding over picture levels and improve collaborative work between creative and technical while providing the direction needed for the post production process.
Various multi-display combinations allow for complete and easy monitoring while full-screen presentations provide a wealth of information and enable detailed review of the material.
Picture, waveform, vector, 5-bar, audio, status as well as CINELITE and CINEZONE displays provide all of the features needed in the field and in the rack. USB drive connectivity allows you to capture pictures for documentation purposes, personalize presets and perform software updates.
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
LV5330 Leader LV5330 Multi-SDI Monitor  Discontinued
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Included Accessories
  • 1 - Instruction Manual
Optional Inputs
LC2128 Leader LC-2128 Front Cover for LV5750 and LV5330 Discontinued
LC2130 Leader LC-2130 Blank Panel for the Rack-mount for LV5330 Discontinued
LC-2250-U Leader LC-2250U Carrying Case for LV5330  Buy Now Sale $251.75
(Reg. $265.00)
LR-2752-U Leader *Internal Option* LR-2752-U Rackmount for LV5330  Buy Now Sale $332.50
(Reg. $350.00)
LV53-AD Leader LV53AD *Internal Option* Analog Component/Composite Input For LV5330 or LV5380  Discontinued
LV5330FL Leader LV5330FL Cabinet For Fanless LV5330 Operation  Buy Now Sale $565.25
(Reg. $595.00)
LV5330-OP01 Leader LV5330-OP01 Histogram & User Gamma Option For LV5330  Discontinued
LV5330-OP02 Leader LV5330-OP02 Gamut & Level Error Option For LV5330  Discontinued
LV5330-TS Leader LV5330TS Tilt Stand for LV5330  Discontinued
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SPU40105 Leader SPU40105 AC Adaptor for LV5750, LV5330, LV5380, LV7330 Discontinued
Optional Accessories
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(Reg. $120.00)

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