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Leader LV-5170D
HD-SDI Monitor
, Discontinued

See: LV 5700A Multi SDI Monitor

Leader Instruments Corporation has introduced the LV 5170D a multiformat HD/SDI Waveform/Vectorscope Monitor with dual CRTs. Operating features include the ability to handle 14 HDTV formats as well as optional D1 SDI and 480p analog. Format selection is automatic, with auto adoption of colorimetry to match the selected system. Detection and logging of video, audio, ancillary & color gamut errors plus selectable alarms ensure awareness of operating conditions. AES/EBU digital audio is disembedded from the signal being processed, and output as four pairs of digital audio for eight channels total. Finally, a readout in hex of all data points on any selected raster line is provided with the choice of manual line selection or line capture as the result of a detected TRS error.   
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LV5170D Leader LV5170D HD-SDI Monitor Discontinued

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