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Leader LV5152DA
HDTV Digital/Analog Waveform Monitor


  • Handles 1080i, 1035i and the 720p systems
  • Two Serial Inputs + One Three-wire Analog Input
  • Full EDH Error Reporting with Alarms
  • Waveform, Vector, Picture and Stereo Monitoring
  • Overlay, Parade and Timing (Bowtie) Waveforms
  • Active Serial Switched (A or B) Output
  • YPbPr or GBR Waveforms and Monitor Outputs
  • Full-Raster Line Select
  • Precision Cursor Level and Time/Frequency Measurements
  • Storage and 10 Front-Panel Setups

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LV 5152DA provides full monitoring facilities for 1080i/60 (59.94)/50, 1080p/30 (29.97)/25/24 (23.98)/24sF (23.98sF), 1035i/60 (59.94) and 720p/60 (59.94) systems.  Selection is automatic or switchable and a switchable matrix accommodates Y formulation for both 1035i and 1080i/720p systems.  The unit accepts two SDI inputs and provides a switched active output of the selected input.  One set of analog-component inputs accepts YPbPr or GBR.  Waveforms may be monitored in YCbCr or GBR form, in three-channel overlaid or parade display.  Other display modes include Vector (with the choice of electronic or external illuminated graticule), timing (bowtie), picture and stereo (Lissajous).  A decoded three wire picture monitor output may be set in either YPbPr or GBR.

New features include the capture and readout of data for all data points in the raster in hex form for addressable lines and data addresses.  In addition, a readout of SDI level in terms of equivalent cable length from an ideal source is provided.  Of particular value is the ability to separate embedded digital audio with eight channels of AES/EBU digital output.  A YCbCr conversion to GBR facilities gamut checks to spot illegal colors.  Gamut errors trigger a front panel GAMUT warning and errors are logged.  Cursor measurements provide 0.5% accuracy.  Extensive menu-selected operations give wide ranging control over operating parameters and include the line select (with numbering readout corresponding to the chosen system) and precision cursor measurements of level, time and frequency.  The preset system stores ten front-panel settings for instant (and remote) recall, and a new on-screen display reduces preset recalls to a single key stroke.  An advanced error system, applicable to 1080i systems, records the time of the first detected error, time elapsed since the first error and the total error count in that period.  Errors are detected in video (Y & C), embedded audio, ancillary data and GAMUT with provision for remote indication.  Local and remote alarms can be preset to trigger from error in video, audio, ANC and gamut.  A white phosphor CRT is standard.

Model Description Buy Online Price
LV5152DA Leader LV5152DA HDTV Digital/Analog Waveform Monitor (Discontinued) Discontinued
LV5152DAOP70 Leader LV5152DA OP70 NTSC Input (Discontinued) Discontinued
LV5152DANS323 Leader LV5152DA-323 NS-323: Channels 1, 2, & 3 level peak (Discontinued) Discontinued
LV5152DANS325 Leader LV5152DA-NS325 NS:325 NTSC Analog Composite (Discontinued) Discontinued
LV5152DANS333 Leader LV5152DA-NS333 NS-333: 525/60 & 625/50 Component (Discontinued) Discontinued
LV5152DANS334 Leader LV5152DA-NS334 NS-334: Continuous, Total Error Display (Discontinued) Discontinued
LV5152DANS335 Leader LV5152DA-NS335 NS-335: RS-232C Data Dump (Discontinued) Discontinued

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