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Leader LV5152D HDTV Digital/Analog
Waveform Monitor, Discontinued

See: LV 5152DA HDTV Digital/Analog Waveform Monitor

  • Handles 1080i, 1035i and the 720p systems
  • Two Serial Inputs + One Three-wire Analog Input
  • Full EDH Error Reporting with Alarms
  • Waveform, Vector, Picture and Stereo Monitoring
  • Overlay, Parade and Timing (Bowtie) Waveforms
  • Active Serial Switched (A or B) Output
  • YPbPr or GBR Waveforms and Monitor Outputs
  • Full-Raster Line Select
  • Precision Cursor Level and Time/Frequency Measurements  
  • Storage and 10 Front-Panel Setups

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