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Leader LV5152
Multi-Format Analog Waveform Monitor


The LV5152 provides waveform, vector and picture monitoring facilities for analog components in the major U.S. and European HDTV and EDTV systems that are considered of prime importance for production applications.  Six U.S. systems and three European systems are covered and include 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i.

The unit accepts two sets of 3-wire analog inputs with provision for external reference.  Waveform display may be in YPbPr form or GBR with overlaid, parade and timing (bowtie) presentations.  Extensive menu-selected operations offer wide-ranging control over operating parameters and includes line select and precision cursor measurements of level, time and frequency. 


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The preset system stores ten front-panel settings for instant (and remote) recall, and a new on-screen display reduces preset recalls to a single keystroke.  The vector display and the conversion matrix from YPbPr to GBR complies with Y formulation given in SMPTE 274M, 296M, and RP-177.

Other features include a stereo phase amplitude plot (Lissajous pattern), and 3-component picture monitor output.

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LV5152 Leader LV5152 Multi-Format Analog Waveform Monito r(Discontinued) Discontinued
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LC2077 Leader LC-2077 Front Cover for 5870, 5872A, 5212, 5122, LV5100D, 5100, 5850C, 5860C Discontinued

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