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Leader LV5100DE
Digital/Analog Component Waveform Monitor, Discontinued

  • Eye Pattern Display (SDI Waveform)
  • Active Serial Output of Selected A or B Serial Input
  • 525/60 and 625/50
  • EDH Facilities
  • Hex Readout of All Data Samples
  • User-Selected Alarms
  • YCbCr or GBR Waveforms
  • Picture Display of Y or G
  • Component Vector Display
  • Full Line Select with Strobe on Picture Display
  • 4:2:2 Serial Digital Component
  • Component Digital and Component/Composite Analog
  • Digital Signal-Status Readout
  • Serial Data Signal Strength Reading in Terms of Equivalent Length of Coax Cable
  • 3-Wire Analog Picture Out (YCbCr or GBR)
  • Overlay, Parade and Timing Waveforms
  • X-Y Stereo Display
  • Preset/Recall of 10 Front Panel Setups

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Product Information
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Model LV 5100DE, the latest version of LV 5100 adds the "EYE" pattern display to allow close analysis of the serial data stream,  It is a powerful diagnostic tool for both component digital and analog domains with a built-in 4:2:2 decoder and extensive monitoring capabilities.  Automatic recognition and a setup for 525/60 and 625/50 systems speeds operation.  A digital has provisions for EDH codes, TRS, EAV/SAV, ANC data, FFCRC and APCRC codes as well as the HEX data and embedded audio.  Vectorscope targets for 75% and 100% color bars toggle easily to match source status. The equivalent line length monitoring function checks signal strength in an intuitive format.  The LV 5100DE also has full range of analog component waveform monitoring functions including a picture monitor output for display of a color video signal, a line selector function with variable lines intensified and cursors that can be set for IRE, V or %.


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