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Leader LV 5100D
Digital Waveform Monitor, Discontinued

  • 4:2:2 Serial Digital Component
  • 525/60 and 625/50
  • Component Digital and Component Analog
  • EDH Facilities
  • Digital Signal-Status Readout
  • Hex Readout of All Data Samples
  • Serial Data Signal Strength Reading in Terms of Equivalent Length of Coax Cable
  • User-Selected Alarms
  • YCbCr or GBR Waveforms
  • 3-Wire Analog Picture Out (YCbCr or GBR)
  • Picture Display of Y or G
  • Overlay, Parade and Timing Waveforms
  • Component Vector Display
  • X-Y Stereo Display
  • Full Line Select with Strobe on Picture Display
  • Preset/Recall of 10 Front Panel Setups
  • Active Serial Output of Selected A or B Serial Input

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Able to work in component digital as well as component analog facilities (and mixed operations) the LV 5100D provides comprehensive waveform, vector, timing and picture monitoring capabilities. Menu-driven control functions extend familiar waveform observations into highly specialized areas and include local calibrations both the waveform and picture, the ability to monitor digital signals in GBR or YCbCr form, line select (with an adjustable window), memory storage of test setups with the ability to provide on-screen labels, flexible cursor measurements, automatic 525/60 and 625/50 operation and much more.


Monitoring operations open into the digital domain with a touch of the front-panel DIGITAL key. This calls up a three-page status display, the first of which shows signal format and content in the vital areas of ANC data, embedded audio, the presence of EDH codes and the time at which an error was found. Avery useful feature of this first status board is a reading of a serial data stream amplitude in terms of equivalent coax cable length from a standard source. This provides an easy-to-interpret indicator of the proximity of the digital "cliff."

A second status board reads the status or error in TRS, SAV, EAV, ANC, APCRC, FFCRC and shows the presence of embedded audio and EDH flags. This board also allows any or all of the above to trigger local and remote alarms in case of error and provides the means of error reset and the trigger for hex data readout. The third status board presents hex data for all 1716 data points on a line selected manually or triggered automatically by a TRS error. Hex data may be presented in numerical address sequence or tabulated in columns of Y, CbCr. A single key controls line and address numbers.

Extensive control of analog functions includes setup for GBR or YCbCr, calibration for 700 or 714 mV peak levels and signals with or without setup, control of DC restorer speed and sample point, calendar and clock settings and much more.



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