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Leader LT447
Multiformat Pattern Generator, Discontinued

See: LT 448 Multiformat Pattern Generator

  • HDTV, SDTV, ATSC, DBV, ISDB (29 Formats)
  • DVI-D, D-5, D-15, YPbPr/GBR, Y/C, Composite
  • Monoscope, Color Bars, Crosshatch, Gray Scale, Circle...
  • Natural Picture (Optional)
  • Aspect Ratios 16:9, 4:3, Letter Box and Squeeze
  • 100 Preset Memories Plus Arbitrary Start Stop
  • Audio Tones
  • RS-232C Remote Control
This digitally synthesized generator outputs a remarkable number of DTV formats compliant with ISDB, ATSC and DVB standards. The DVI-D output conforms to DDWG digital display working group standards supporting single link TMDS transition minimized differential signaling up to 165 MHz clock rates. TMDS helps to reduce EMI induced errors over today's long cables. Menu control of operating options is facilitated with front panel keys and on-screen menus. These include embedded audio channel on/off control and tone frequency selection. ID character and calendar/clock programming, timing advance/delay to ± 16 lines, EDH on/off, key lock and control of the moving target and switched pattern displays. The latter are of value in compression testing and controls effect the speed and direction of the moving target and the dwell intervals for sequential switching of selected test patterns.
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LT447 Leader LT 447 Multiformat Pattern Generator Discontinued
See: LT 448

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