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NTSC Pattern Generator - Discontinued
Please see: LT436NP

The LT 436 an Analog Test Signal Generator offers a 1000 line monoscope incorporating colorbars, gray scale, corner circles and reverse capability. Outputs for component analog YPbPr, D1 as per EIAJ, Y/C and composite allow the instrument to be used for adjusting and inspecting a wide variety of video equipment with those input connectors and formats.

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Test patterns include a still picture pattern of a girl with a carnation, monoscope, SMPTE and split-field color bars, 8-color rasters with 75%/100% and RGB on/off selection, pulse & bar, stairstep, convergence, window, character and others enabling testing of resolution, color accuracy, linearity, high-voltage regulation and character quality from a single unit.

Software is supplied for download of the user's arbitrary still picture pattern (frame data) as required to be accessed from the others button. A still picture, of a girl with a carnation, that conforms to ITE standard is provided.

The monoscope pattern offers testing to a horizontal resolution of 1000 TV lines maximum. Color bars are superimposed on this pattern allowing simultaneous testing of luminance resolution and color accuracy. YPbPr, D1, Y/C and composite formats are all output at the same time. Many test patterns can be modified with the individual RGB on/off buttons or with the 75% or 100% selection and reverse keys provided, making the instrument ideal for a wide variety of adjustment and inspection applications.

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LT436 Leader LT436 NTSC Pattern Generator Discontinued
See: LT436NP

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