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Leader LT1615
HD RGB Programmable Generator,

See: Leader Programmable RGB Generators

  • PC Programming and Control Operates in Windows® Environment
  • ROM Setup and Control for Stand-Alone Operations
  • Both Analog and Digital RGB, Clock to 260 MHz/200 MHz
  • Digital Outputs 8-Bit Parallel, Handles Most Flat-Panel Displays
  • High Speed Switching Speeds Pattern Selection
  • Power Saving Display Function as Specified in VESA Standards
  • Graphic Design of Custom Test Patterns
  • Stock Test Patterns Include SMPTE 133 & Flower Image
  • Image Downloading
  • X-Y Display Function Locates Pixel Coordinates (to Locate Display Faults)
  • Auto Display Functions (Pattern Switching & Scroll)

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Product Information
LT1615 Datasheet 83 KB

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This group of three RGB generators offers dedicated analog, digital or combined analog/digital outputs to best suit application needs.  High dot-clock capabilities are featured, up to 260 MHz in analog, which allows operation in UXGA (1600 x 1200) systems. All in the group operate from user-replaceable ROMs making them ideal for production operations wherein parameters are not to be altered by operators.  Remote control units (LT 1610-01) extend program selection to remote control points and widen operator control to signal-output conditions including sync format and polarities.   Full PC control gives the operator complete control over raster architecture, signal-output conditions and selection from stock and custom patterns. Control extends to the graphic design of custom patterns and the downloading of images from digital still cameras or scanners.  X-Y cursors permit the coordinates of defective pixels in the display to be accurately established and provision is made to test standards. Fast image switching speeds production work by reducing the wait for new images to appear. Image character actions aid in gauging image-decay characteristics. A factory option adds 4 MB of RAM to extend image memory to accommodate up to 12 VGA format images.

 WINDOWS is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Model Description Buy Online Price
LT1613 Leader LT1613 260-MHz Programmable RGB Video Generator, A Out Discontinued
See: Leader Programmable RGB Generators
LT1614 Leader LT1614 200-MHz Programmable RGB Video Generator, D Out Discontinued
See: Leader Programmable RGB Generators
LT1615 Leader LT1615 260-MHz Programmable RGB Video Generator, A&D Out Discontinued
See: Leader Programmable RGB Generators

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