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Leader LG 3804
DVB-T Signal Generator
see: LG3810

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    • This instrument features the signal generator capability and BER measurement capability in a single package. The BER function is used to measure the front-end section; the broadcasting MPEG-2 TS function is used to visually check entire system. Also, such features are ideal for the production line of STB and tuners.
  • Arbitrary Modulation System Settings
    • The modulation system can be arbitrary set via the front panel controls. The QVGA LCD graphically displays the setting conditions.
  • Encoding/Modulation MPEG-2 TS in Real Time
    • The MPEG-2 TS applied from the DVB-ASI or DVB-SPI connector can be encoded/modulated in real time.
  • 100 Preset Conditions
    • Up to 100 preset conditions can be stored in the memory. Since the stored contents can be categorized into 10 groups, the preset mode is convenient for inspection applications.
  • Various Options
    • Moving Picture Option (Factory option) With the HDD and DVD-ROM installed, a stream including
      HDTV content (i.e., requires large storage area) and long-time TS can be played back from the HDD.

The LG 3804 DVB-T Signal Generator, conforms to DVB-T (digital terrestrial TV in Europe System) standards, features a channel coding, modulation, C/N generator, and up converter in a single package. Consequently, the modulated signal covering VHF and UHF channels can be output. Providing pseudo random signal (PN) and BER counter can perform BER measurement of receivers and tuners with a single unit. In addition to the internal TS signal, the external MPEG-2 TS can be used to evaluate video and sound quality. Such powerful features are ideal for total evaluation of a reception system.

Model Description Buy Online Price
LG3804 Leader LG 3804 DVB-T Signal Generator Discontinued
see: LG3810
LG3804WOP71 Leader LG3804 W/OP71, DVB-T Signal Generator w/HDD Discontinued
see: LG3810
LG3804WOP72 Leader LG3804 W/OP72, DVB-T Signal Generator w/ Fading Option Discontinued
see: LG3810
LG3804WOP73 Leader LG3804 W/OP73, DVB-T Signal Generator w/ DVB-H Option Discontinued
see: LG3810
LG3804WOP74 Leader LG3804 W/OP74, DVB-T Signal Generator w/ DVB-C Option Discontinued
see: LG3810

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