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Leader LF52S
ISDB-T Field Strength Level Meter with Satellite Option

  • Designed specifically for the ISDB-T terrestrial format now being implemented in South/Central America.
  • Accepts 5MHz –870MHz and 950MHz –2.6GHz (Satellite)Supports both digital and analog transmission systems to aid in the analog to digital transition.
  • Supports BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, OFDM and 16-256QAM for CATV operation.
  • Supports broadcast, cable and satellite operation.
  • Measures RF level, C/N. BER, MER and DELAY PROFILE
  • Provides Constellation display and Spectral Display
  • Presets and measurement logs can be stored in Compact Flash card for ease of use and documentation purposes.
  • Provides auto-channel search function for terrestrial and CATV.
  • Remote control via RS-232 serial interface.
  • Lithium-Ion battery operation, battery and AC adaptor included.
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Product Information
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Equipped with the latest innovations in RF Signal level measurement, the Leader LF52S ISDB-T Field Strength Level Meter with Satellite option brings flexibility, reliability and accuracy to your everyday measurement challenges.  The instruments handles both analog and digital terrestrial broadcast, satellite and CATV RF signals. Level, C/N (carrier to noise), BER, MER and delay measurements can easily be performed when evaluating digital transmission paths. The instrument also offers a spectral display and a number of surprisingly robust analysis functions for such a small and portable device.

Compatibility with a number of analog and digital modulation formats is provided, including OFDM, COFDM, BPSK, QAM and others. In addition to level, C/N, MER and BER measurements, the instrument produces constellation and spectral displays.

Up to 200 presets can be stored and recalled and a measurement log is provided. Measurements can be output as comma separated values and used in a spreadsheet making record keeping easy to obtain and communicate to others.
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LF52S Leader LF52S ISDB-T Field Strength Level Meter with Satellite Option Discontinued
Optional Accessories
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