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Leader LT441D
Multi-Format HDTV Digital Generator, Discontinued

See: LT 443D-HD/GL Multiformat Video Generator Main Frame

Model LT 441D meets the SDI test signal needs for fourteen formats based on 720, 1035 and 1080 lines displayed.  These include the newer formats that employ variations of the 24 and 48 Fps systems.  A complete list of signal parameters appears below.  Three SDI outputs are provided plus analog tri-levels sync, H and V drive.  Features include eight channels of embedded AES/EBU digital audio plus six channels of AES/EBU digital audio supplied separately in signal pairs on three BNC connectors.  Digital genlock locks to tri-level sync from HDTV reference or black burst from 525 line timing references.  Provision is made for selectable advance/delay to ±100 lines.

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LT441D Leader LT441D Multi-Format HDTV Digital Generator Discontinued

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