Leader LT8900
Multi Format Video Test Pattern and Sync Generator, Vector Remote Config.

  • 525/625/SD/HD/3G simultaneous operation
  • Operation as master generator or locked to GPS, NTP, 10 MHz or video black/burst
  • Extensive test signal library including full field test
  • GPS receiver for ultimate timing accuracy
  • Multiple independent audio generators for AES, embedded SD/HD and analog
  • Independent Tri-level sync outputs for all 720 and 1080 standards
  • 3G-SDI option for 1080/60p, 1080/59.94p, and 1080/50p formats
  • Dual LTC outputs plus VITC/DVITC
  • Vector editor browser
  • NTP server and client support
  • Redundant main and reserve operation in combination with MasterMind changeover
  • SNMP support
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Product Information
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LEADER INSTRUMENTS is proud to extend its line of video sync generators with the LT8900 Multi Format Video and Sync Generator. Its innovative architecture avoids the need for numerous option boards or factory upgrades by allowing most optional features to be activated via software. This ensures that units are easily upgradable, either locally or from a remote location.

Analog, SD and HD references and test signals are generated simultaneously for both 525 and 625 standards with independent timing control for all outputs to simplify system integration. Special attention has been paid to the audio section with multiple audio generators assignable for AES, embedded SD/HD, wordclock and analog stereo audio.

All HD and Tri-level sync formats are accommodated either within the base unit or by fitting the appropriate option board. HD test patterns are available in all of the recognized 1.485 Gb/s standards or, with the optional 3G output board, in any of the extended 2.970 Gb/s formats.

The optional GPS receiver provides an extremely stable and robust method for accurately locking multiple SPGs and also for governing the unit’s LTC, VITC and NTP outputs, while the SNMP agent permits remote status monitoring of critical functions. Accurate GPS referencing is managed by the internal receiver module, or by locking to an external source of 1pps and NMEA serial data, guaranteeing the synchronization of all video, audio, PC-based devices and system clocks.

The browsable Vector application allows remote configuration and monitoring of all system parameters, in addition to managing software and feature upgrades.

For enhanced security, redundant LT8900 units may be deployed together with the compatible LT8910 changeover unit. This fail-safe, modular product monitors the integrity of both main and reserve reference signals to effect an automatic switch to the reserve unit. Optional boards for detection of Tri-level sync, LTC, AES and SDI may also be fitted.

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Now Price
LT8900 Leader LT8900 Test Pattern and Sync Generator with Vector Remote Configuration Browser Discontinued
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Included Accessories
  • 1 - Vector Remote Configuration Browser
  • 1 - Based Unit supplied with single power supply
  • 1 - Genlock loop thru
  • 1 - 10/5 MHz Reference Input
  • 5 - Black Burst
  • 3 - SD-SDI Black
  • 1 - 27/10 MHz World Clock Output
  • 1 - 2 IN / 2 OUT GPI
  • 1 - Ethernet Port
  • 1 - SDI and analog outputs are individually timeable
  • 1 - Simultaneous 525/60 and 625/50 operation
Optional Accessories
LT8900-OP01 Leader LT8900-OP01 Redundant Power Supply Module Discontinued
LT8900-OP02 Leader LT8900-OP02 Full Field Test Pattern Discontinued
LT8900-OP03 Leader LT8900-OP03 LTC Vertical Interval Timecode Discontinued
LT8900-OP04 Leader LT8900-OP04 GPS Time Reference Discontinued
LT8900-OP05 Leader LT8900-OP05 Unbalanced AES Output Card Discontinued
LT8900-OP06 Leader LT8900-OP06 GPS Antenna and Universal Mount Discontinued
LT8900-OP07 Leader LT8900-OP07 Tri-level Sync Module Discontinued
LT8900-OP08 Leader LT8900-OP08 SD-SDI and Analog Test Pattern Discontinued
LT8900-OP09 Leader LT8900-OP09 NTP Server Support Software Discontinued
LT8900-OP10 Leader LT8900-OP10 SNMP Support Software Discontinued
LT8900-OP11 Leader LT8900-OP11 3G HD Output Card Discontinued
LT8900-OP12 Leader LT8900-OP12 Audio Test Tone Generation Software Discontinued
LT8900-OP13 Leader LT8900-OP13 SD/HD SDI Test Pattern Discontinued