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Leader LT4610

3G/HD/SD Multi-Format Video Sync Generator

Brand: Leader
Model No: LT4610
Our Model No: LT4610
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • QVGA (320 pixel x 240 line) 24-bit full color bitmap logos can be transferred into the generator via USB memory and added to any test pattern.
  • LT4610 can also generate IDs of up to 20 characters for placement at any operator-assigned screen position. ID size is selectable between 32 x 32, 64 x 64, 128 x 128 and 256 x 256 pixel sizes at 100% or 75% intensity, continuous or blinking. IDs can be scrolled to the left or right.
  • Safety area markers can be generated to show safe-action area (90%), safe title area (80%) and/or 4:3 aspect ratio. ID characters, logo mark, safe area markers and test pattern can be displayed individually, sequentially or simultaneously.
  • Audio test generation capabilities include silence, 400 Hz, 800 Hz, and 1 kHz at -60 to 0 dBFS in 1dBFS steps, assignable across up to 16 channels for 3G-A/HD/SD and 32 channels for 3G-B. Audio sampling resolution can be selected from 20 or 24 bit at 48 kHz and synchronized with the video signal. Audio clicks can be generated between 1 and 4 seconds or disabled.
  • Test patterns with synchronized audio can be generated for lip sync testing. The audio click setting is disabled in this mode. SDI output 1 is synchronized to the AES/EBU output. When using Leader’s LV5770A waveform monitor you can accurately measure the lip sync of SDI video and audio signals.
  • LT4610 has a genlock input and can be synchronized with NTSC/PAL black burst or HD tri-level sync signals. Six independent analog black burst reference signals are provided, which can be changed to tri-level sync. A 48 kHz word clock output and 48 kHz AES/EBU output are also provided for synchronizing audio signals.
  • Standard support for SNMP via Ethernet makes it easy to integrate the LT4610 into a network environment. Alarms are generated with SNMP and displayed on the front panel when errors do occur.
  • Redundant power supply with fast automatic switchover is standard.

Designed for use in broadcast studios, mobile production vehicles, post-production companies and broadcast equipment maintenance facilities, the Leader LT4610 provides an exceptionally wide range of capabilities within a compact 1RU x 15.75 inches (400 mm) deep footprint.

The LT 4610 is a 1RU rack size Sync Generator that supports the triple-rate SDI (3G/HD/SD) format. LT4610 is equipped with a redundant power supply, which is very valuable if power is lost to the main supply. In addition to test pattern output including color bars and SDI check fields, the LT-4610 is equipped with numerous features such as ID characters, QVGA logo marks, safety area markers, audio word-clock, lip-sync, genlock function for external reference signals, and six analog black signals.

Test patterns available from the LT4610 include 100% and 75% color bars, multi-format color bars and SDI check fields with user-selectable scrolling in eight combinations of up/down/left/right. Scrolling speed is user adjustable. Y/G, Cb/B, Cr/R components can be turned on or off independently for each output channel.

  • Accepts 3G-SDI, Dual link, HD-SDI and SD-SDI systems
  • The ID characters can be superimposed at any arbitrary position on the screen
  • A logo mark, up to 320 (pixels) by 240 (lines) in QVGA size can be superimposed at any arbitrary position on the screen. Logo is converted from bitmapp to four-grade monochrome data.
  • A 90% and 80% safety-area markers can be superimposed on the screen.
  • Simple motion picture mode is provided to scroll the pattern.
  • The 32 channels of embedded audio signals (link A and link B - each 4ch x 4 groups) for 3G-SDI (level B), and 16 channels of embedded audio signals (4ch x 4 groups) can be superimposed. The Frequency and level can be respectively set for each channel.
  • The LT4610 can output lip sync patterns in which the video and audio are synchronized. By using Leader's LV5770(A), you can accurately measure the lip sync of the video and sudio on SDI signals. (3G-SDI Level A/HD-SDI/SD-SDI only)
  • The LT 4610 can synchronize with NTSC/PAL black burst and HD tri-level sync signals. NTSC/PAL black burst signal with field reference pulse and BTSC black burst signal with 10 field IDs are also supported. Furthermore, a Stay-in-Sync function is available in case errors occur at the genlock input.
  • Six independent analog black signal outputs are provided. The black burst signal with the same format as the SDI output, or HDTV tri-level sync signal with the same format of clock frequency can be selected for variable time.
  • A 48 KHz word clock output and a 48 KHz AES/EBU output are provided to synchronize the audio signal.
  • The LT4610 is equipped Real-time clock with a battery to keep real-time inside a unit regardless on/off power. Also, keeping real-time if GPS signal is not received when the LT4610 is equipped GPS option.
  • Standard support for SNMP via Ethernet makes it easy to integrate the LT4610 in a network environment.
  • Up to 10 presets can be saved. You can recall a preset to start the LT 4610 with the same settings every time.
  • USB slot is available on the front panel to save and update user data settings.
  • Redundant power supply provides extra reliability. Alarms are generated with SNMP and displayed on front panel when errors occur.
Compliant Standards
Embedded Audio: 3G, HD, HD(DL) - SMPTE ST 299
Payload ID: SMPTE ST 352
Analog Black Output: NTSC Black Burst Signal - SMPTE ST 170, SMPTE ST 318, SMPTE RP 154
PAL Black Burst Signal - ITU-R BT1700, EBU N14
HD Tri-Level Sync Signal - SMPTE ST 240, SMPTE ST 274, SMPTE ST 296
AES/EBU Digital Audio Output: ANSI S4.40, AES3-2009, AES11-2009, SMPTE ST276
SDI Outputs
Output Connectors: 2 x BNCs
3G-A ,HD, SD - 2 outputs
3G-B, HD(DL) - 1 output
Output Amplitude: 800 mVp-p±10%
Return Loss: ≥ 15 dB (5 MHz to 1.485 GHz)
≥ 10 dB (1.485 to 2.970 GHz)
Overshoot: Less than 10%
Rise and Fall Times 3G - 135 ps (20 to 80%)
HD, HD(DL) - 270 ps (20 to 80%)
SD - 0.4 ns to 1.5 ns (20 to 80%)
DC Offset - 0 ± 0.5V
Specifications: IEEE 802.3
Protocol: SNMP v2c
Input Connector: RJ-45
Function: Transmission of trap (when detects error)
Transmission of operation status (e.g., genlock synchronization status)
Type: 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX (auto switching)
Specifications: USB 2.0
Supported Media: USB memory device
Functions: Saving and loading of preset data,
Saving and loading of logo data,
Firmware update MIB file acquisition
Connector: USB Type A
Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 °C
Operating Humidity Range: 85 %RH or less (no condensation)
Optimal Temperature: 10 to 35 °C
Operating Environment: Indoors
Elevation: Up to 2,000 m
Overvoltage Category: I
Pollution Degree: 2
Power Requirements
Voltage: AC 90 ~ 250 V
Power Consumption: 80W max.
  • 2 - Power codes
  • 2 - Cover/inlet stoppers
  • 1 - CD-rom (logo app, user manual)
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