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Leader Cel-Scope3D
Stereoscopic Analayzer

  • Real time depth budget indication and alarms.
  • Live 3D rig camera assist, setup and monitoring.
  • Works with standard capture cards or devices.
  • Live sources in HD-SDI, HDMI, 3G, SDI, HDV & DV. SD, HD or 2K in most formats & TV standards.
  • Media files playback most 3D formats.
  • Touch screen monitor compatible.
  • Monitors pictures, waveforms and depth simultaneously.
  • Shows 3D in any anaglyph combination & swap left/right.
  • 3D display output for monitor via DVI, HD-SDI or HDMI.
  • Depth metadata output option on TCP-IP 3DMETALINK.
  • Capture & recording 3D to hard disk (optional).
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Product Information
Datasheet 4.7 MB
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Cel-Scope3D can provides stereoscopic 3D monitoring and depth budget analysis at a reasonable cost. This is a Windows program that runs on a PC. It allows camera and rig set-up to be performed, accurately, repetitively and quickly so that your 3D production will be right first time. Its facilities can also be used in post production to ensure that any correction, fixes and tweaks are going to be pixel prefect and that the depth budget is used to its advantage without abusing the audience.

Cel-Scope3D can work with all professional video formats including YCbCr or RGB 4:4:4, standard and high definition formats. Given a suitably powerful PC platform to run on, Cel-Scope3D can show preview displays from left and right channels simultaneously as well as show actual depth budget in real-time, waveforms, vectorscopes and histograms in various combinations. You can set-up and save any arrangement of display windows onto presets for easier access. If you have a touch-screen monitor then you do not need a mouse and it is very easy to select and see what you want. In addition to full video measurement and monitoring, the package also has full multi-channel audio and surround display facilities.

Cel-Scope3D runs under Windows-XP, Vista and Windows 7. An up-to-date NVidia graphics card is necessary for full functionality.
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
CS3D4KLOG-DT Leader CS3D4KLOG-DT CelScope 3D Analysis Turn-Key System with Log - Up to 4K Support (DeskTop) Discontinued
CS3D4KLOG-RK Leader CS3D4KLOGRK CelScope 3D Analysis Turn-Key System with Log - Up to 4K Support (Rack-Mountable) Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Instruction Manual

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