Leader 952
CATV/Satellite Level Meter,

See: Fluke

  • 1 to 128 Channel Bargraph Display for VHF/UHF X4 Groups
  • 1 to 32 Channel Bargraph Display for Satellite IF X16 Groups
  • Satellite Carrier-to-Noise Measurement
  • Video and Sound Carrier Measurement
  • Auto Search and Memory Scan
  • Auto-Ranging and Auto-Scaling
  • Program and Data Storage
  • Choice of dBmV, dBmW, dBµV or dBµVEMF
  • EPROM Lookup Tables Cover Worldwide Frequency Assignments
  • Auto-Selecting DVM
  • RS-232C Graph/Data to Printer
  • Backlighted Super Twist LCD
  • Auto Power Management to Conserve Battery Life
Model 952 measures and documents RF signal levels for VHF/UHFTV broadcast, cable and FM operations and extends measurement capabilities into satellite first-IF coverage.  Signal status is displayed in bargraph form with up to 128 channels shown at once.  A cursor can be aligned with any carrier to read out both frequency and signal level.  Measurement programs may be edited to meet system needs.  Channels may be added, deleted and the programs modified to add sound carriers.  Program will recall selects from 4 programs of up to 128 channels each.

Satellite measurements make use of lookup tables for satellite IFs and frequencies may be manually edited.

Up to 32 satellite channels are shown with a memory for 16 groups.   DC power for the down converter may be obtained from the input F connector with programmable supply voltage (+12 to +18 in 1 V steps).

Supply voltages on the cable feed can be measured with the built-in DVM that automatically selects AC or DC and also measures load current.  The standard RS-232C interface enables transfer of data and graphics to a personal computer or printer.

Model Description Price
952 CATV/SAT Signal Level Meter 


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