Leader 856
4 1/2 Digit Digital Multimeter, Discontinued

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  • True rms AC Voltage and Current
  • dBm Direct Reading and dB Relative
  • Frequency Counter to 300 kHz
  • Diode and Continuity Test Modes
  • Auto-Ranging or Manual
  • Three Level Comparator Function
  • Data Hold, Key Lock and Last Memory
  • Large Green LED and Bargraph Display
The Model 856 is an auto-ranging 4.5 digit digital multimeter. This portable DMM has all of the conventional voltage, current, resistance, continuity and diode measurement functions.  Some of the additional standard features are comparison of measured results, frequency measurement and bargraph display and calculated functions for deviation, relative and decibel measurements. AC voltage and current measurements are made via a true rms measurement technique. The 3-level comparator allows measured results to be displayed as high, go or low with respect to preset upper and lower limits.  AC voltage readings can be displayed in dBm or dB relative to an arbitrary level. The large green LED display is easy to read and gentle on the eyes.
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4.5 Digit DMM


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