Leader 5860C
NTSC Waveform Monitor, Discontinued

See: 5860V NTSC Vectorscope

  • Two Channels Plus EXT REF
  • 1H, 2H, 1V, 2V, Sweeps
  • 1s/div Plus 2V MAG
  • RGB Standard, YRGB Option
  • Picture Monitor Output
  • Fits Half-Rack Adapter
  • FLAT, IRE, CHROMA and DIF'D STEP Filters (the latter for Y Linearity Checks)
The standard workhorse of studio monitoring, the 5860C is ready to handle routine monitoring operations and offers extended options such as 1H and 1V sweeps for closer waveform inspection and a differential-step filter to facilitate luminance linearity checks using staircase signals. A DIF GAIN filter also sets up differential gain measurements. The unit syncs to the selected A or B feed or accepts black burst or composite sync as an external reference. An output jack drives a picture monitor with the selected A or B video feed.
Model Description Price
NTSC Waveform Monitor w/ Luminance Linearity
Replaced by 5860V


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