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Leader 5851V
PAL Vectorscope, Discontinued

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  • The 150 mm rectangular CRT with internal graticule (with the same illumination), it is possible to measure without parallax reading error
  • DP and DG measurements enable using the modulated staircase
  • Use with a waveform monitor to observe the vector VITS and VIR signals
  • The optional rackmount adapter enables a pattern generator, color monitor, and Vectorscope to be integrated in system

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Product Information
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The 5851V is a color TV system Vectorscope for vector display of relative amplitude and phase of chrominance components contained in composite video signals on the CRT.  The phase (direction of rotation) and amplitude (radial length from the center) of chrominance components against burst signals can be measured by demodulating chrominance components, which convey color information in video signals and by vector-displaying them on the CRT.  As the scale is provided on the internet graticule (with the same illumination), it is possible to measure color bar signal without parallax reading error.
Model Description Price
5851V Leader 5851V PAL Vectorscope Discontinued
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