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Leader 5835
Stereo Audio Monitor

  • Lissajous Display of L and R Signals
  • Choice of L/R or L+R/L-R Plot
  • Auto Phase Reversal Alarm
  • Spot Killer Protects CRT
  • Fits Standard Half-Rack
  • Adapter-Remote Alarm
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Stereo-audio operations require tight control of relative L and R amplitude and phase to ensure correct directional response for stereo listeners and to prevent serious degradation of the L+R component for monaural listeners. Model 5835 provides the means to monitor stereo signals with an X-Y plot that shows both amplitudes and relative phase of L and R signals (a Lissajous pattern). Further, an automatic alarm is triggered if a serious phase error, as might be caused by a polarity inversion in either stereo feed, results in a significant L-R component for more than five seconds. The warning appears on a front-panel LED and can be rigged for a remote alarm. The 5835 mounts in a standard half-rack adapter to take its place in studio or transmitter monitoring operations. Two interchangeable graticules are provided to allow the 5835 to be set up for the standard of L versus R plot or the newer plot of L+R versus L-R. The change is effected by internal jumper connections. Both balanced (XLR) and single-ended (phono-type connector) inputs are provided. A -20 dB, 0 dB, +10 dB range switch includes a CAL setting and is augmented with a VARIABLE control.
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